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SOM in EUROPE......great news from across the Atlantic.....
Day 2
Saturday, 25 Jun 2011 17:34:02 -0500
IASD conference from the Delegates

Dr. Laurel Clark
School of Metaphysics President

Today was the first full day of the IASD Conference.  I gave my first presentation on "Day Residue," which was about how the subconscious mind draws upon what is in the brain to communicate in the dream state.  In this case, I was reporting on two Psiberdreaming contests -- one on dream telepathy and one on mutual dreaming.  My presentation was part of a panel with three other people.  One is a biochemist researcher/massage therapist/teacher whose research is on mutual dreaming and how it fosters intimacy with family members.  Another has researched 3,000 of his own dreams that were precognitive and he currently is asking how he can prove the "spiritual dreams," such as ones with messages from guides and angels.  His previous research has been confirming the validity of the precognitive dreams with physical events.  I told him it sounded like he was moving from looking for proof outside to proof inside, using himself as the test.  I told him about our past life reports, as he has had several dreams of past lives and meeting people from past lives.  The third man is from Russia and is doing research on group dreaming, discovering that dreams of an individual make more sense to the individual when he or she understands them in relationship to other people's dreams that are similar.  Robert Waggoner, the chair of the panel, told me that he thought my presentation was very clear and insightful and set the stage for all the other ones.  He was appreciative of the way I described the psi dreaming contests.  (He was the person with whom everyone was mutual dreaming.) (He is also current IASD Chair of Board)

This evening was the Drum, Dance and Dream for Peace ceremony in the courtyard of the abbey.  Shirin Ebadi made a short appearance, giving part of her Nobel acceptance speech, in honor of Ghazaal (the woman from Iran who is here this year at the conference).  I was brought to tears when I looked at her while saying the lines, "This year, the Nobel peace prize has been awarded to a woman from Iran, a Muslim country in the middle East." 

Tonight is the Dream Telepathy contest.  The "sender" is a woman we gave a past life profile to last year.  She is from the Netherlands and had a dream years ago about receiving a reading from Edgar Cayce, which I didn't know about until we offered her the past life report!

Sending love and light to you all,
O Dr. Laurel

Hello everyone,

Doug Bannister
School of Metaphysics Branch Director, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I am grateful for the opportunity to be here as an emissary. Today I learned in my first session that when offering dream comments one uses the phrase, “if this were my dream…”  No feathers were ruffled; in fact I think the woman who corrected me was waiting to do so as she saw from the ribbon on my nametag that I was a first time visitor.
Through my other sessions I continued to see the value of what we do and the way we do it.  I invited a young osteopath, Taavi, from Estonia, to attend the July 6 Webinar, talked over lunch with Charles Laughlin, the keynote speaker from last night, to learn that our philosophies are much the same, that he values simplicity,  holds love above all and compassion above all and goes for quality in all he does.
Much love,

Tad Messenger,
College of Metaphysics Graduate Teacher 
Saturday has been another fulfilling and rich day here in The Netherlands.  Today, I attended a Lucid Dream Forum lead by Robert Waggoner and also a young lady named Line Salvesen from Norway.  She had nightmares at the age of three and worked her dreams to stop the nightmares.  Instead of avoiding them, she faced her fears and became lucid.  Since that time she says she has had 4 or 5 lucid dreams almost every night.  In the forum, Robert moderated a structure by first going around the room and having everyone introduce themselves especially in terms of the topic.  There were many people with many resources from all parts of the world.  One woman from Canada goes into her dreams and sees a patient, receives their disease and also what is needed for correction.  That is what she does and doesn’t know how she does it.  What she views is always accurate.  As the forum progressed, I could see how valuable it is to understand how the mind works, and how the lessons are taught in the sequence they are presented to the students in SOM.  I especially could see how astral projection is taught before lucid dreaming.  Many of the people there had different opinions on what each was and many thought they were the same or similar.
During this one forum, I met many new contacts who were teachers from The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Norway, Venezuela, Ohio, and Hawaii. 
Robert Waggoner became a good friend also.  He moderated Dr. Laurel’s presentation on dream telepathy and was very grateful for her input.  He said she set the tone for the whole session.  She was very clear and calm.  She also plugged the telepathy dream work of the IASD and the web telepathy dream work. 
Today was a day of harmony and learning.
I send my love and my light to you!
O Tad
Renee Curry
School of Metaphysics Teacher, Chicago, Illinois

Today I learned more of the “clinical” approach to understanding dreams.   Dr Gongloff introduced his three “respects” of the dreamer:  respect for the privacy, authority and uniqueness of the dreamer this morning.  He also introduced his “theme” approach to dream analysis.  I appreciate having the foundation of Universal Language of Mind from which to draw from in understanding not only dreams, but spiritual works.  I was able to participate in workshops on dream themes and dream groups that offered a perspective on understanding dreams and working with larger groups of individuals..  I also was able to attend the panel discussion Dr Laurel was on.  I am getting a sense from conference participants of an appreciation for the existence of connectedness and developing new ways to identify and capture in their research.   I appreciate more the richness of what we offer as well as the freedom to explore, experience, and apply for ourselves what we are learning.   
Jaclyn Walker
School of Metaphysics Branch Director, Springfield, Missouri

Today was amazing! In the morning dream group, the focus was on developing intuition in dream interpretation.  At several points during the interpretation of today’s dream, many people remained theoretical in their suggestions, until one group member said, “If this were my dream, I would want to know what it really means!”  At that point, everyone became still, and most everyone naturally began to receive with more clarity what we describe as Universal Language of Mind™.  It was a beautiful display of receptivity and allowing understanding to come forth.  I look forward to being with this group the rest of the conference.
Today I also connected with several psychology students who are interested in evolving their research studies beyond a purely academic point.  It’s great to see people expanding their scope of why we dream and what it means.
Tomorrow our focus will be on the Universal Peace Covenant and inviting others to the Dreamschool web class.  I am grateful to be here and to learn from such a rich experience.  Thank you for all your love and attention!
Dr. Sheila Benjamin
School of Metaphysics Graduate- Europe Delegation Organizer

We have had a full day here in Holland.
 I spent a great deal of the day at the registration desk volunteering.  I have made some good friends that I think will be able to participate in some of the services that we as the School of Metaphysics have. There are a couple of women who know Sheila Asato and have participated in a dream group of hers.  They live in Minneapolis and I will make sure that tomorrow I let them know about the webinar.  I do know that they are very interested in dreams and at this time are looking for someway to study.
The young Russian gentleman, who is with Stan Krippner, today kept coming by the  registration desk and feeding us pieces of fruit.  I talked with him about the Healing Wall and although he did not bring a rock he is going to give me some coin from his country to give to the Healing Wall.
The key note speaker presented a program on using dreams to problem solve.  What she was talking about is presented in “The 10 Powers of Dreaming” in a much easier manner to understand and digest. I sat in the audience filled with appreciation for the many ways we have to teach humanity the Universals.

 After the key note session was complete we went out to one of the gardens to participate in the Drum, Dance and Dream for Peace experience.  As Dr. Laurel spoke Shrini Ebadi’s opening speech, my thoughts went to having the Invitation present with us here in Europe. 
Tonight is the telepathy dream contest and I will need to go to sleep to remember my dreams.   Until tomorrow.
Love to all of you from the Delegation in the Netherlands.
Dr. Sheila

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