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SOM in EUROPE......great news from across the Atlantic.....
Day 1
Fri, 24 Jun 2011 17:34:02 -0500
IASD conference from the Delegates

Tad Messenger,
College of Metaphysics Graduate Teacher 

So far this has been a tremendous opportunity with many rich experiences.  Before the conference, on the first plane I was on from Springfield to Chicago, I set next to a gentleman from Ozark.   When I

told him where I was going, we talked for the entire trip.  It seemed like five minutes.  However, the plane ride was for two hours.  He wants to be a student.  He is retiring from selling and distributing animal feed.  He told me about a place in White Plains where someone does all organic food crops and feed for animals.  He also knew the name of the Condron family.  Finally, I mentioned Chillicothe, and then he remembered where he heard the name because he grew up in that area.  His name is Tom Scanlon.
When Doug and I arrived in Kerkrade, we went to the shopping area and had dinner.  One of the shops was owned by an Iranian man who was very glad to see us.  He is very generous and speaks of his love for his homeland and for his family.  However, he is very saddened by what is happening in his country.  The next day, we met Gazaal, a woman attending the conference from Iran.  She had requested a visa for three years to attend the IASD conference and was denied.  This year she was accepted.  There was a wonderful feeling of freedom and gratitude I felt from her as well as a passion for her homeland and her family.  After asking Dr. Sheila, Doug and I took her to meet Shirush, the shop owner we had met in Kerkrade.  She loved his shop and we met Shirush’s daughter who is very bright and very mature for the age of 16.  Next year she enters University Studies.  After a wonderful meeting, he offered to show us Aachen in Germany after the conference.  The love and gratitude that these people had made my whole day.  They were very appreciative of us sharing the connection that we felt in our hearts for these people.  Love is very powerful.
The first full day begins tomorrow and each of the delegates has already shared the gratitude that we hold for the value of what we have learned about dreams from SOM.
This promises to be a great conference.  The artwork is incredible.  Many people have commented that this is by far the best display of artists at any IASD conference.
I love you greatly O, Tad

Doug Bannister
School of Metaphysics Branch Director, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We attended the opening keynote address this evening presented by an extraordinary dream researcher who spent years of his life, if I remember correctly, as a Buddhist monk in the name of dream yoga. After becoming very accomplished with lucid dreaming he realized while healing significant birthing trauma, his archetypes had become muted tones of their original frightening and enchanting symbols.
I wanted to ask the question of him if he understood his place in the world better after all his years of efforts.  I am glad that I did not ask that of him in a large audience because as we left I asked Tad what he supposes the answer might be.  He offered that the man had not learned much because his images had not progressed.  I will seek the speaker out because there may be more that he hinted at, but may not wanted to share of so many of in the company of his scientific friends.  The experience fortifies the value I have for what the School of Metaphysics provides the individual in relation to his uniting self with the Creator and add to our soul.  I am grateful for my life, my continued learning, my growing compassion for others.
Peace, love and truth

Jaclyn Walker
School of Metaphysics Branch Director, Springfield, Missouri

I am so grateful for being here in Kerkrade.  The journey here was rather exciting and full of learning.  After my flight was cancelled in Chicago, I took the opportunity to remain at peace and began interpreting dreams for people while in line at customer service.
It is good to be here.  Currently, I am learning much about the symbiotic nature of giving and receiving.  My volunteer position in the bookstore is one way in which I practice this.  Most of the titles are in Dutch as are the other volunteers at that station.  Being still to receive my next direction and then using that to serve those at the conference is such a rewarding experience for me, and I look forward to tomorrow and the first full day of the conference. 
Much love to you all.

Renee Curry
School of Metaphysics Teacher, Chicago, Illinois

IASD confirms for me the value of what SOM has to offer and tonight’s keynote address confirms what was delivered through the Superconscious Oracle – the world is awakening to and in need of what we have to offer.  The choice of IASD’s opening keynote, “Cross Cultural Dreaming Brain” by Charles Laughlin, demonstrated an openness to reach beyond the clinical and educational perspective to the spiritual influence and relevance of dreams as experienced by Charles in his 7 years of anthropological study with Tibetan monks.  I am very proud to be representing an organization and community that is in complete harmony with the core principles of IASD and offers something beyond – a commitment to facilitating an individual’s personal realization and application of their dream experience and dedicated to delivering it as a compassionate, loving act of service centered in truth.

Dr. Sheila Benjamin
School of Metaphysics Graduate- Europe Delegation Organizer

When we first arrived at Rolduc there was a young Asian gentleman who offered to help Renee, Dr. Laurel and myself carry our bags up the four flight of stairs.  There was a lift (elevator) where we were able to several of our bags however I received from this generous soul.  As we walked up the stairs I asked why he was at the conference center, he told me that he was a scientist and was here with others learning about how to use the sun as power.  My first thought was World Headquarters and the Great World House.  We visited for a short while and I found out when their conference would be over. 

The next morning at breakfast I talked to with Tad about talking to the professors that were teaching.  Tad was able to receive information and found out that the two teachers are from the United States.  One is from Wisconsin and the other from New Mexico.  I believe that they just might send some of their students who need to work on a project for their school experience. 

The Abbey has its own magical vibration to it.  This is the first time that I have stayed at a hotel where I could go inside of a very old chapel to meditate. There are 20 young men who live on this campus who are studying to become priests and there are two nuns who prepare their meals.  I have lit a candle for all of you in the chapel to symbolize the brightness of our light. 

We have been reuniting with old friends and are meeting new ones.  I spent most of my time at the registration table giving service.  One of the highlights of my day was to help a young man who found out that he did not have a hotel room connect with another who needed a room mate.  It was wonderful to see the joy on their face as they were able to fulfill their desires. 

Tonight we had our first gathering together as a delegation and it was wonderful to see the brightness on Doug’s face as he was able to share and admit the richness of what he is learning in the School of Metaphysics.  It is an honor to be in the position that I am in because I know that from what each of the teachers’ from our school is willing to give and the love and gratitude that fills their spirit that the school is growing and we will reach our dreams. 
Tomorrow Dr. Laurel will be presenting at 1 p.m. which is 6 am your time.  We will send you pictures and let you know the latest of news.
For now Sweet Dreams
Love you all and I carry you where ever I go in my heart
Dr. Sheila

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