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Other papers being presented at the Rolduc Conference

What Happens When Choirs Dream Together?
Orchestrating Dreaming in Groups

Barbara Condron, DM, DD
Jonathan Duerbeck, BS, DD
Tad Messenger, BS
Laurel Clark, DM, DD, presenter


Last December, 24 people presented an original cantata called The Christ Seed. As part of their preparation, each member wrote a paper titled, “When and How I Became Aware of the Christ Seed in Me”. Golbahar Dadyan, an IT analyst who was raised in a Muslim family, wrote this:

"When I was 12 years old, I remember sitting in the school bus in Iran, going around the city as the children got dropped off. There was a particular street that we would pass by every day and it was a less fortunate part of the city. I remember having the question come to me. 'Are there evil people in the world?' It was such a burning question, deep inside of me, I thought I would burst if I did not have an answer!

…So, I asked everyone I knew, and everyone had the same answer. 'Well, of course, there are evil people in the world!' Then they would proceed to give me examples. I never could believe them. …I came to the conclusion that all people have good in them. I didn't have the proof, so I was not yet a knower, but I believed.

Now that years have passed and I see what it is about. It was me at a young age recognizing that all humans have the Christ Seed within. I had an understanding of this, and the question was the stimulus that became a life-long quest to find the answer. The reason it was hard for me to think otherwise is because I recognized the Christ Seed within myself. I knew there was more to me than what meets the naked eye and so I concluded that there was more to everyone. It is this question that led me to a self-awareness training in 2007 and exactly a year later to the School of Metaphysics. So that I could uncover that 'more' that I knew is inside." 

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