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Welcome to the Dreamschool Scholar Program

Online courses in the Dreamologist program include

•Course 101: Introduction to Dreams

Level I
Course 140: Dream Theory and Experience
•Dream Catcher Series I: Decode a Dream

Level II
Course 210: Mind Linguistics and Understanding
•Dream Catcher Series II: Discern Dream Themes

Level III
Course 260: Dream Themes and Interaction
•Dream Catcher Series III: Illustrate a Dream

Level IV
Course 280: Teleconferencing Class on Dream Interpretation

Level V
•Course 320: Intuition and Dream Realities

Level VI
•Course 350: Creating a Culture that Values Dreaming

What to expect from your online course

Dream Theory and Experience, Course 140 is the entry level for your dreamwork. This course consists of ten lessons. Each lesson includes:

• an overview of the focus for that lesson
• printable lesson material
• a movie on one of the 10 Powers of Dreaming
• a review of key points
• an evaluation quiz

You will progress at your own rate of speed, according to your desire and will. There are many resources at to supplement your lesson materials. As long as you are active in the Dreamschool Scholarship Program, all membership privileges are yours. Get to know them and you will find your progress accelerated.

Each course in the first three levels of study is supplemented by The Dream Catcher Series, a downloadable workbook based upon dreams from around the world.


Reference Books
The Dreamer's Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron
Every Dream is about the Dreamer by Dr. Barbara Condron
Understanding Your Dreams by Dr. Daniel Condron

Required Reading List
Course 140 The History of Dreaming by Robert Moss
Course 210 Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung
Course 260 The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

Recommended Book List
Lucid Dreaming ed. by Dr. Laurel Clark and Dr. Teresa Martin
The Moon's Effect on Dreams ed. by Dr. Christine Madar

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Our Program of Study
The dreamschool Scholar Program is an online study of the art and science of dream interpretation based upon a core teaching at the School of Metaphysics. The School of Metaphysics is a 501(c)3 educational institute founded in 1973 in the United States of America. Its mission is to develop consciousness beyond the confines of normal physical thinking by exploring the Whole Self. One part of this endeavor is the study of dreams.

Dreaming is Mind's means of intrapersonal communication. Dreams that come when the waking Mind sleeps are from the inner Self. Heeding these messages, establishes a strong relationship with the individual's Inner Teacher, connecting that one with soul understandings. The Dreamschool Scholar Program teaches the language Mind uses in its communication. It has been called the language of the soul, the language of the Gods. We describe it as the Universal Language of Mind™.

Embarking upon a dream study that will culminate in certification as a dreamologist is a serious endeavor. It requires the time, effort, and focus of any professional discipline. You will progress at your own rate of speed, your own experience being the determining factor of when you move on to new lessons. Be consistent. Set daily and weekly goals tailored to the material at hand.

Be concerned with gaining the experience you need to develop a well-rounded understanding of the language you are learning. It will seem familiar to the inner you and probably, in the beginning, be a curiosity to the outer you. That is to be expected. You are making your conscious mind aware of what your subconscious mind already knows.

At first, use your own dreams as your laboratory. As you begin feeling familiar with basic theory and symbols, begin asking others about their dreams. Do this for your own practice, not as an expert or counselor for them. Let others know that you are studying and they will often be most generous and willing to help. In this way, you encourage others to remember their dreams and offer them an avenue to give unconditionally.

Your goal is to become proficient in the oldest and most enduring language known to our species– the Universal Language of Mind. The journey there will be many dreams. You will record, hear, and interpret over a 1000 dreams before you are complete and this will give you the skill and inner confidence needed by a dreamologist. As in any profession, experience and understanding will make you an adept in this field.

Origins of the Study
This program has evolved from the core teachings of the School of Metaphysics concerning Mind, the Universal Language it speaks, and the universal laws which govern creation. The focus is dreams and dream interpretation. Each course includes a number of written lessons which have been designed for daily reading. The program was designed by Dr. Barbara Condron in response to a perceived evolutionary readiness in humanity for ascension into the inner levels of consciousness. She, Dr. Laurel Clark, and Dr. Daniel Condron are primary authors of the coursework. Contributors to the second course include Dr. Terry Martin, Dr. Sheila Benjamin, Dr. Christine Madar, Amy Pawlus, and Dr. Paul Madar. The program is designed to assist everyone. Since the field of experience lies within one's dreams, everyone can benefit from this study. What is learned is practiced in the life and passed onto others, particularly our children. In this way, we value the Universal Truth, known in indigenous cultures around the world, that dreams are doorways into the realms of existence before this life and after.

Current students studying at Schools of Metaphysics in the U.S. find this program useful in accelerating their growth personally and interpersonally. For these students, the Dreamschool Scholar Program is coursework in teacher's training, providing the additional experience and confidence that comes from the global view of dreaming the program offers. Alumni find the program keeps them attuned to the Inner Teacher while offering a means to include friends and loved ones in study.

Those who are just now "awakening" to the mysteries of the dreamworld, who are new to dreamwork, have the good fortune of studying dreams with masters of consciousness. At Dreamschool, dreams are part of a much bigger picture of Mind, consciousness, and the nature of reality. In keeping with the purpose of the School of Metaphysics to accelerate the evolution of humanity, one individual at a time, your choice to learn at Dreamschool contributes to your soul progression.

About the Program
The Dream Scholar Program consists of four levels of proficiency in dreamwork. These are

• Level I: Course 140: Dream Theory and Experience
• Level II: Course 210: Mind Linguistics and Understanding
• Level III: Course 260: Dream Themes and Interaction
• Level IV: Course 280: Teleconferencing Class on Dream Interpretation
• Level V: Course 320: Intuition and Dream Realities
• Level VI: Course 350: Creating a Culture that Values Dreaming

The four levels are meant to be studied sequentially and uninterrupted for the greatest mastery impact. Whatever your degree of previous dream knowledge, you will be enriched through this program.

Level I begins your practice in remembering and logging dreams. The theory we teach is Mind Linguistics, how and why Mind communicates. This is a practical study you will use every day the rest of your life. Level II delves into the people, places, and things that appear in your dreams - what they mean and why. Level III explores the story elements of dreams thus evolving your capacity to understand dream messages - whether your own or someone else's.

Our courses have a dual purpose: optimal Self awareness combines with an expanded empathy toward others. As you progress, you will be interpreting others’ dreams as well as your own. When you have completed all lessons in a course, you proceed to "The Art and Science of Capturing Your Dreams", a downloadable workbook with practice dreams from dreamers around the world. Each level of the dreamschool program is supplemented in this Dream Catcher Series.

Dream Catcher I teaches how to "Decode a Dream" in three steps. Dream Decoding exercises your powers of reason, establishing the brain pathways between mind and body which will bring accuracy and eventually ease in interpreting dreams. This series follows Course 140.

Dream Catcher II introduces the classical elements of story as they apply to dreams. By learning how to "Discern Dream Themes", students cultivate the perception that allows them to identify the message in any dream.

• Dream Catcher III, "Illustrating a Dream", focuses on a dream's core image. Illustrating dreams strengthens the dreamer's recall which, with repeated practice, will lead to lucid dreaming.

Following completion of the third level of study, students move to Level IV participating in a six-week teleconferencing course to interact with a teacher and fellow students, becoming comfortable with talking with others about dreams, interpreting dreams, and leading group discussions.

Level V,
Intuition and Dream Realities, presents steps for dream study practiced around the world for centuries. By merging the concept of dreaming the divine with the modern technology of connecting the dream consciousness circuit, the student gains experience and understanding in introducing others to the inner world of truth and guidance. Level VI is a second teleconference course discussing ethics in dream exploration and the value of dreams in the marketplace.

Upon successful completion of this course and laboratory assignments, the student may apply to the School of Metaphysics Education Board for certification as a dreamologist.

Should you want personal attention during your studying, tutoring is available when you feel this can enhance your study. This is arranged privately between you and a Psi Counselor of your choosing. Contact lists of qualified individuals is supplied upon written request. Their professional fees vary and can often be negotiated.

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