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The School of Metaphysics step-by-step method of applied study is guaranteed to produce permanent results through daily use of universal truths. Students develop understanding and mastery of mental skills including undivided attention, concentration, listening, memory, re-energizing and realizing of mind and body, mental healing, and communication. Meditation, dream interpretation, intuitive and spiritual development are the means to experience the inner levels of consciousness. These disciplines bring the student into the realm of that consciousness. These disciplines bring the student into the realm of that unused ninety percent of the brain power and open doors to what exists beyond the physical life. The applied study produces Self awareness and insight into the greatest mysteries life has to offer.

The School of Metaphysics
four-tiered course of study in Mastering Consciousness is offered on a weekly basis in cities in the United States. Click here for a complete listing.

We welcome you into the most fascinating learning endeavor available – the quest to know Self. 

Study through correspondence

How correspondence study works

Our correspondence study has recently changed format.

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Correspondence students are School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA members) receiving a one year passport to our on-line internet campus at .

The Dreamologist Online Program of Study

In the future, dream interpretation will be a valuable asset for people of all ages and in all walks of life. As people begin looking for answers, Self-awareness and Self-referencing will become more important in the quest for a fulfilling and satisfying life. Dreams, arising from the individual's inner mind, afford each person knowledge and insight that promotes health and well-being. Until every person knows how to interpret their own dreams, qualified dreamologists will be in demand in business, education, and government.

A complete program of study in understanding dreamstates begins with course 101 Introduction to Dreams and ends with course 401 Intuition & Dreamstates. Students explore the universal and personal experience of dreaming progresses to an understanding of both content and state in dreams. The curriculum is a combination of online at-home study, teleconferencing class, and a final on-site extended learning weekend at the College of Metaphysics. Upon successful completion, the student is certified as a Dreamologist.

The School of Metaphysics program supplements more traditional forms of higher education by teaching the student how to fully utilize knowledge gained through previous schooling. Its teachings are unique, innovative, and bold. When the principles of memory are understood, the student moves beyond the limitations of rote memorization of knowledge. When the principles of will are understood, the student realizes his ability to determine his personal impact upon the world's body of knowledge. When the principles of imagination are understood, the student is free to employ his own creativity thus expanding his knowledge beyond the commonplace and contributing to the progress of mankind. The student applies knowledge in his own experiences thus reaching his own personal greatness.

Through mental disciplines, the student gains command of the reasoning abilities. As the inner thinker develops, the essence of education becomes apparent. The educate comes from the Latin educatus meaning to draw out or to lead forth. The School of Metaphysics program is founded upon this principle, for it draws out the best the individual has to offer and leads him to greater understanding and achievement as a whole Self.

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