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The Intention Experiment Results

The First Korotkov Water Experiment – November 30, 2007 conducted by

EXPERIMENT:  Water Intention Experiment   
Date:  November 30, 2007
Time:  11 am CST


Ten student and faculty researchers from the College of Metaphysics in Missouri.  These individuals bring a unique element to this endeavor.

1.    All participating researchers are currently studying in the second cycle of the School of Metaphysics course of study or beyond.  The study is designed to teach the principles and daily practices of developing the power of the mind.

2.    Participants have been studying for a minimum of two years, some as long as 30+ years.

3.    All meditate daily for at least 1/2 hour.

4.    All practice pranayama daily, including measured (rhythmic) breathing, pulse breathing, synchronized breathing, and breathless state.

5.    All have learned and practice the principles of visualization.

6.    All have learned and practice the projection of love and understanding to individuals and to groups.

7.    All practice concentration exercises, focusing mental attention on a single object or thought for a minimum of 10 minutes each day.

8.    All have practiced concentrating on a single drop of water for a half hour each day for more than 2 consecutive weeks.

9.    All are aware of the water experiments conducted by Masaru Emoto and practice thought projection into water for health and well-being.

Individual experiences during the experiment appear at right.

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FACULTY College of Metaphysics

Participant 1Barbara Condron, length of study in disciplines 32 years, teaching 31 years.

            My experience during the experiment.   Began by slowing down the bodily processes, the heartbeat and breath.  Focused on 12-12-12 breath count to bring full attention to present moment and still the mind. 

            Once the outer mind and body were calm and at rest, I placed my mental attention upon the directive for the experiment:  "project love to the water".  Using the image on the screen as a conscious mind focus, I create and feed a thought form of love.  This is a familiar form.  I have created it hundreds of times to produce mental healing, both near and at a distance.  I have created the love thought-form along with others thousands of times in an exercise, taught and practiced at the School of Metaphysics, called the Circle of Love.  Access to this thought-form is simple and spontaneous. 

            I focus my gaze on the image until I can see its aura, which signifies to me that I have successfully moved my attention into mind.  My attention is totally devoted to the water symbolized by the image before my physical eyes.  I align my mind with the vibration of the water.  I invite it to enter into my space and I am drawn into its space.  I and the water are one.  I breathe and move with the water.  Using my will, I project love into the water with each exhale. 

            As consciousness, we are one.

            As the music ends two thoughts are present in my mind:

One:  this is possibly the largest organized biofeedback experiment conducted on the planet to date.

Two:  the experiment itself is resonant with intuitive research conducted by the School of Metaphysics revealing details of the development of sentient consciousness on the planet

Further exploration of observation #1

This is possibly the largest organized biofeedback experiment conducted on the planet to date.

The common definition of biofeedback involves an individual connected to a device that measures the subject's bodily processes.  Biofeedback registers physical body conditions thus giving a means to alter those conditions through mental, emotional, and physical change.  Since I am presently completing educational requirements as a biofeedback specialist, this work is in my thoughts. 

            The water experiment is a magnified form of biofeedback.  Beyond the parameters of today's experiment is a more far-reaching implication of humanity's potential and power to shape his destiny.  If a few thousand minds can effectively influence the quality of a small amount of water, at a distance, in a ten-minute period, can we accelerate learning how to live in harmony with the planet we populate?  The answer will undoubtedly be yes.

            As we accept and respond to the power in our thought, the power in intention, we come to realize the science of praying over our food, our loved ones, our ill.  The simple thought action intention of nourishment, compassion, or wellness reverberates in the water in the bodies we inhabit.  Pure, clean thoughts provide wholeness and health.  Whether within one person or among many or in a planet.

            The work of Masaru Emoto is demonstrating the power of intention through photographing water crystals.  When he describes the water crystal images he photographs, the captions read "water shown (eg. a photograph of earth)."  Dr. Emoto's words honor the intelligence that is in the water, and the difference and similarity in the crystals show water's power for consciousness-reflection.  Perhaps there is much more than egotism to learn from the story of Narcissus.  And perhaps by relaxing the sense of  "I" we are standing at the threshold of a future ripe with promise.  After centuries of experiencing the pains Pandora unleashed, we are discovering the great balancer – hope.

            Here on the campus of the College of Metaphysics, we are conducting ongoing explorations in the power of thought in growing food.  Fifty-gallon barrels which are filled with water bear the names of "love", "gratitude", "health".  As students fill the watering cans from the barrels, they see and say the word written on the barrel.  Most importantly, they visualize what the word means, thus enthusing the water poured on the garden.  In the three years of these experiments, the garden has increasingly flourished each year, producing a stronger bounty through extended growing seasons.  Brussel sprouts have grown in the snow, watermelon has been harvested with pumpkins and winter squash in late fall, and volunteer crops have become an expected surprise each spring. 

            Through a combination of biodynamic farming and the mental technology taught by Dr. Daniel Condron, students learn the influence they have on the quality of the food they produce and consume.  When the attending students love the garden, it produces beyond all reasonable weather conditions.  Should the attending students tire of tending the garden and their nurturing become begrudging, the plants die. 

            Research into the Universal Truth "Thought is cause, and the physical is its manifest likeness" is a daily exercise for COM students.   And the truth is in the elemental earth around us.


Further exploration of observation #2

The experiment itself is resonant with intuitive research conducted by the School of Metaphysics revealing details of the development of sentient consciousness on the planet.

            In the moments following the experiment I step back to reflect upon what we have accomplished.  Several thousand people, maybe more, from around the world have spent the same ten minutes focusing their minds upon the same task.  This is familiar to me from our annual peace initiatives on New Year's eve and on July 26th   Each of these are organized times when we invite people worldwide to read the Universal Peace Covenant in unison (details at  

            We are seeking a way to scientifically measure the effects of this intention and welcome input, suggestions or contributions.  The energy building in the world's Peace Dome on the College of Metaphysics campus is palpable and plans are underway to create a Healing Wall comprised of native stones from every part of the planet.  Ways to measure these changes could contribute considerably to the body of research now being conducted.

            Even more remarkable than this to me today is the Atlantean element present in this experiment.  For over 40 years, intuitive researchers have been studying and refining their ability to access knowledge extending beyond recorded history.  This has brought many answers and even more questions to light.  The way in which this water experiment was conducted resonated with reported Atlantean experiences of elemental forms and structures needed to sustain a physical body.  Think of it as the building of the genetic code which allows for certain brain functions to seemingly "turn on" at certain ages, for bones to pretty much stop growing by the age of 18 and ear to continue to grow throughout one's life.  The millions of bodily functions didn't manifest overnight.  They took time, and they took intelligence.  Attention.  The Atlantean research details these processes.

            Within the last month I transcribed a report for a woman who is a healer.  It described what I interpret as the building of the matrix, the stabilizing web that science calls the unified field.  In part the intuitive report states:

.."There were others among this group who had other outstanding qualities to contribute and which were required in order for there to be a functioning of the furthering of evolution.  This was in the establishment of dharma flow of the capacity for dharma to be placed into the evolutionary pattern of the species.  We see that in this there was the requirement that there be certain vibrations present for the efficient pattern to be established.  This is in a pattern within thought itself.  It was not yet physicalized, and we see that this was in regards to that of vibrations, which would create interlocking circles or wholeness.  This was the connection pattern of expectation in the unification of life form and in the connection between, among, and within. (PLP110407bgc1)

The report goes on to describe how this woman had chosen to enter into "this realm" for the purpose of evolutionary development.  She and her peers were establishing "a pattern that could be replicated and manifested."  For this to occur there had to be a unified effort to bring it about even in the face of the souls beginning to separate. 

            The knowledge brought for consideration through this report, provides a mirror image to what I both experienced and witnessed today.  In the past we were establishing ego, separated selves in order to evolve, to grow, to sustain individual identities.  Now, we are seeking to move beyond ego, to transcend the self in order to evolve and become energy-light beings.

            Some who perceive this transition see it as recovering something that has been lost.  At one time I would have been in accord with that view.  Now, I see this is a natural evolutionary movement in understanding ourselves as creators.  Today, we took another giant step in that direction.  Today, we affirmed once again – in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi – that we are the change we will see in the world.


Participant 2Daniel Condron, length of study in disciplines 30 years, teaching 28 years.

My experience during the experiment:

  1. First sent love to the water picture.
  2. Next, I sent love to the water that the picture symbolized.
  3. Next, merged my consciousness with the consciousness of the water.
  4. Perceived the structure of the water changing, re-arranging molecularly and subatomically to conform or align its structure with that of love.


Participant 3Teresa Martin, length of study in disciplines 18 years, teaching 17 years.

My experience during the experiment:

During the experiment I saw movement of colored green and red spheres in a counterclockwise direction.  It was as if I was seeing the molecular structure of water and the influence of the thoughts of all participants upon the water.  The movement changed several times speeding up at which time green spheres began aligning.  Shortly after this there was a reversal of movement in a clockwise direction with the green spheres all lined up.  This time the movement was slower and more orderly.

I believe I was clairvoyantly perceiving the movement of molecules which were responding to our collective thought.  One of the Universal Laws taught through the School of Metaphysics is Thought is Cause.  There is an innate intelligence within every life form, enough intelligence to do what it is supposed to do and be what it is supposed to be.  Mankind has great influence and we have experienced this in a detrimental way through unconscious use of thought.  We see it in the environment through pollution of all kinds.  With a little intelligent direction of thought formed with intention what a powerful force man as a Creator can be.

It’s time we awaken to our influence rather than sleep walking through the day.   Imagine the positive repercussions upon our world, our health, and happiness through choosing thought with intention rather than remaining oblivious of what our mind’s produce.


"Nearly 3000 people had signed up to participate from eighty countries around the globe. Although two-thirds were from the US, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands and other English speaking countries like New Zealand and Australia, we also had a large showing from every country in Europe and then many far-flung places: Indonesia, Bangledesh, Uruguay, Zambia and other countries in Africa, Malaysia, Japan, Croatia, Costa Rica and other countries in central America, Columbia, and China. We had representatives from every continent other than Antartica.

On the day, some 1500 actually participated."

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About the intention experiment sponsors

The Intention Experiment is a series of scientifically controlled, web-based experiments testing the power of intention to change the physical world.Thousands of volunteers from 30 countries around the world have participated in Intention Experiments thus far.

Lynne McTaggart, architect of the experiments, is working with leading physicists and psychologists from the University of Arizona, Princeton University, the International Institute of Biophysics, Cambridge University and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.These experiments are being run at McTaggart’s seminars and conferences and on the web, and have produced extraordinary results.

This is not about sending intentions to make a million dollars.

The targets are only philanthropic: healing wounds, helping children with attention deficit or patients with Alzheimer’s, counteracting pollution and global warming.

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 The Intention Experiment Report continued

Individual Experiences during the Ten Minute Water Experiment

 Graduate Student/Student  College of Metaphysics

Participant 4:  Natalie Axberg. length of study in disciplines 5 years, teaching 4 years.

This experiment is a dream made manifest for me.  I have been a teacher at the School of Metaphysics for the past four years to assist in there being more experiences like this one available to humanity.  Thank you to the creators of this project.As I began the experiment, I started with deep, slow breaths so I could release attention from the body and physical surroundings.  I then directed my attention to this bottle of water.  With a line of attention connected to my heart I began to project love.  It was at this moment I could feel the powerful energy of many minds connected and directed to a single point of focus.  This is the “God-stuff” in us all that we were working with.  It was with this experience of connection to many that my heart filled with, not only the love I was projecting, but also gratitude to be connected to so many for such a cause, and for such an evolutionary step in the consciousness of mankind.  This is the most exciting part of this experiment for myself.

 I am thankful to have been so directly connected to all who were a part of this action, and I look forward to the results of the experiment. Perhaps humanity is ready to accept the responsibility of their infinite potential and act swiftly to ensure a planet for many souls to enter into for growth, learning, and enlightenment.  We are surely evolving beyond the race that poorly attempts to serve humanity through war.  We are learning to serve and heal with mind.  Our next step.

Participant 5:  Kimberlee Otto. length of study in disciplines 5 years, teaching 4 years.

As a college student I had a great opportunity to use what I am learning.  I am currently a student at the College of Metaphysics, USA.  I have been studying the mind, intention and thought projection as a daily practice. 

            After I slowed my mind and thoughts I caused my mind to attune to the vibration of the water.  At first it felt cold and there was a high pitch sound vibration.  As I merged my mind with the water, I could feel all of the love being sent to the water flow in and through me.  I became one with the water and it’s vibration.  At first the energy was like tidal waves, crashing and inconsistent.  Then it began to flow like a river and the experience became quiet, the atmosphere warmer and subtler.  The high pitched sound, now become a low hum, similar to the sound of the Universal Pulses.  Then it seemed like the water was full and had enough love to give back to the universe and so the energy began to flow up and out.

            It was amazing to experience so many people’s intentions of love flow through me. It is divine ecstasy.  I will delight in further opportunities to participate and work with thought experiments like this one.  Thank you for offering so many the opportunity to shine.  This kind of global connection raises the vibration of the planet and everything on it.

 Participant 6:  Matt Valois. length of study in disciplines 4 years, teaching 3 years. 11/30/07 11:13am EST – USA

I participated from an intentional space on the College of Metaphysics campus in Windyville, Missouri, USA along with other students and faculty.  We heard about the water intention experiment yesterday.  I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this experiment.  The moment I began to merge with the water, I felt the effects of the attention, intention, and love of many directed minds placed on it. 

            Immediately, I felt buoyant, extremely spacious, and "in the zone," so-to-speak.  At times, I felt like I was the water sample.  With each second, I felt the changes occurring in the water.  It became lighter and brighter as each second passed.  I felt a soft intensity that continued to grow, build, expand, and encompass the mental space I became part of, until I felt a deep connection to the moment, the water, and to all the people around the world that were participating in the experiment.  Merging with the water felt like a slow-motion stretch of water molecules rearranging themselves into a more optimal state. 

            I look forward to seeing the scientific results of this experiment.  With love from multiple minds as its catalyst, the possibilities for restructuring water, food, the air, the earth to an optimal state are endless, while the mental and emotional applications for health, well being, longevity, and human evolution stretch out to infinity.

Participant 7:  Karen Mosby. length of study in disciplines 7 ½ years, teaching 6 ½  years.

It was easy for me to still my body and mind with the breathing exercises and disciplines that I have developed as a student in the School of Metaphysics.

             As I started the experiment I felt very connected with the rest of the people who were part of the experiment. It seemed that we were on a different plane connected in purpose with the intention of giving love to a sample of water; There was a calmness and stillness that I observed and felt. 

            I held my attention on the water as requested and felt myself merge with the water.  I gave of my love as I have experienced it through the heart chakra, the love of the creator. 

            I sensed other people in the room where the water sample was. 

As the experience ended I had a thought of what we do with the reading of the Universal Peace Covenant every morning in the World Peace Dome situated on the campus of the College of Metaphysics.  Daily we send out thoughts of peace to everyone on the planet similar to the thought of love that we projected to the sample of water.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to participate in your experiment.

 Participant 8:  Laurie Biswell. length of study in disciplines 7 years, teaching 6 years.

The intention experiment gave me a new perspective on the daily disciplines that I do every day that I have learned in he School of Metaphysics.  With less than a minute to go, I stilled my mind & body and projected the intended love thought.  I thought only of merging the love I have with that of the water chosen for the experiment.  Great light surrounded me and even though there were others around me, I felt as if I were alone and inside the water. 

            Through one of my spiritual practices, I have done a similar experiment, though it was for twenty minutes.  I know of the power of thought through the exercises that I have done and the application of them.  Thank you for conducting this experiment.  As more and more people do studies like these, more people will discover the power of thought upon themselves, others, and the environment.

Participant 9:  Tad Messenger. length of study in disciplines 15 years, teaching 8 years.

The moment before the intention experiment, I calmed my body, stilled my mind using breathing techniques described and taught in the School of Metaphysics, and focused my mind.  As the experiment began, I immediately felt connected with people, a universal pulse, and the energy moving upward along my spine.  As it progressed and I projected love to the water, I perceived my heart chakra becoming light, then the throat, brow and crown becoming light; then there were five lights above and beyond myself that were pulsating energy centers.  The experience I received and gave was that of the original source of light.  The water seemed to sparkle with joy, light, and brilliant facets of love.


Student/Faculty   School of Metaphysics Branches

Dr. Laurel Clark, president School of Metaphysics. length of study in disciplines 29 years, teaching 28 years.

I prepared myself as given in the "powering up" instructions and sat in front of the computer so that I could use the image of the water flask as a point of focus for concentration.  I appreciated the years of practice I have had doing concentration exercises as as student at the School of Metaphysics, as this made it possible to hold my attention for the 10 minutes without my mind wandering.
            I visualized light and a warm feeling of love and projected it into the water.  I received an image of the water becoming calm and glowing with a soft light.  Some of the time I did this with my eyes closed, and then I opened my eyes to focus on the website photo of
the water flask.
            Thank you for the opportunity to participate and I look forward to hearing the results.

from Indianapolis, IN

Damian Nordmann. field representative SOM, Dallas, Texas

This is Damian.  I participated in the intention experiment today.  Here are some notes on my experience:
I prepared my consciousness before the experiment by using breathing exercises I have learned as a student in the School of Metaphysics.  This helped to still my mind.  I also focused on my heart chakra and again, using much of what I have learned through my advanced studies in the SOM I was able to quicken the movement of energies here.  I also thought of many of the people who I love dearly: friends, teachers, students, family.  This caused a warmth in the area of my heart and throughout my being.
            At one minute to the experiment I sat down where I meditate daily and began projecting love to the water as displayed on the window to  I actually naturally went into a kundalini projection position that we use for projecting healing energies in our weekly healing class.  I caused my kundalini to rise and created a pool of it.  I imaged the vial of water in this pool.  I held the thought and feeling of love throughout the duration of the ten minutes.  It was a delightful experience.  I occassionally used one of the methods above to stay focused on and in love: heart chakra, area of the heart, the love I feel towards others.
            At least two or three times during the experiment I became very aware of the many people connected to me as we all were projecting love simultaneously.  I could sense the presence of many minds and souls working together.  I look forward to many other experiments of this nature.
            Peace to you all.
            Damian Nordmann

Ivy Norris. SOM Field Representative in Oklahoma
 I wanted to email to let you know I joined the water intention experiment yesterday.  These are some of my thoughts related to the experience:

I loved it!  Very quickly I experienced the love thought that I was sending influencing this part of Creation.  After a little while it was as if I hopped on a train, a love train if you will, and united with those participating (it was very powerful and  entraining:).  Briefly the thought of gratitude passed through my mind.  
            The combined directed group thought of love seemed so capable to heal and purify.  I could see it happening.  I'm eager to learn of the results and to use this to educate others to care for and heal where needed with directed thought and clear intentions.  


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