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The University of Sharing exists to bring about World Peace.

World Peace doesn't just happen by people talking about peace. There must be a way to bring about peace. Sharing is the key to World Peace.

At the end of World War II, the people of the United States shared their resources to help rebuild Germany and war-torn Europe. The program was called the Marshall Plan.

At the end of World War I, the victors demanded reparations from the defeated. This meant that not only was the defeated country destroyed, it also had to pay for the destruction in other countries. This, Germany could not do which led to World War II.

World War II was an effort to get back what was lost in World War I. What was needed at the end of World War I was less taking and more giving. Less revenge and more sharing.

More sharing occurred after World War II under the Marshall Plan. Consequently, there has been no World War III.

At the close of the Civil War, General Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate army, met with Gen. Ulyssey S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse to discuss terms of surrender for the South.

General Lee asked for terms of surrender from Gen. Grant to which Gen. Grant replied,

"1. Lay down your arms (guns and weapons).

2. Pledge allegiance to the United States of America."

Gen. Lee asked if his officers could keep their weapons and horses. Grant replied, "Yes," and that he had not realized that in the southern Confederate army an officer owned the horse he rode.

Gen. Lee also asked if the Union army would feed his soldiers since they hadn't eaten anything for three days. Gen. Grant replied that he would see to it immediately.

Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States during the Civil War, desired that the Union of states be preserved. It was his perception that if the South was treated well at the end of the Civil War that they would not rise up in rebellion again. Thereby the way would be paved for a continual peace. This he had communicated to Gen. Grant the commander of the Union Forces.

The Union of these United States was preserved and continues to this day. From the devastation of this war has risen the greatest nation on Earth.

Thus, the United States of America was prepared to help rebuilt Europe after W.W. II. The University of Sharing exists to promote these timeless truths that created peace after the Civil War and World War II.

1. Sharing creates peace.

2. Sharing can create world peace.

3. Sharing creates peace within the individual.

4. Sharing connects people in openness and caring.

5. Sharing expands our idea of who we are to include others.

6. Sharing reminds us that through sharing we discover our own true worth and value and importance.

7. Sharing affords us to then receive from the abundance of the Universe by opening a space within ourselves to receive.

8. Sharing makes for friendships.

9. Sharing lets us know we are not alone but connected to all humankind and all the Universe.

10. Sharing enables us to know a greater Love, LIGHT, and Truth.

The University of Sharing would like to share a book with you. This book is titled "THE PURPOSE OF LIFE".

Everyone consciously or unconsciously desires to know their purpose in life. This book will help you to know your purpose in life. This book will help you to discover your purpose in life.

The University of Sharing would appreciate any monetary donations you would like to share. These donations will help continue the work, the duty of the University of Sharing; through the further printing of this book in order that everyone on planet Earth may know the purpose of life.

When everyone knows the purpose of life and shares what they have fully then Peace will reign supreme upon the Earth and each person, each individual will find and know the ultimate fulfillment in a peace-filled life.

Send your donations and contributions to University of Sharing-SOM, 163 Moon Valley Road, WIndyville, MO 65783. Include your name and address to receive a copy of THE PURPOSE OF LIFE.

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