The Purpose of Life

28 Powerful New Keys for Discovering and Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life

Dr. Daniel R. Condron

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"This book reads like a powerful mantra. The central thought is presented in so many different ways that it becomes one BIG thought that convinces the cunning ego to change: still the mind to receive and fulfill your purpose in life. Dr. Condron distills the essence of purpose and how to create it. If you’ve ever wondered, "What is it that’s missing from my life," this book will open your purpose-eye and have you filling in the missing ingredient for a richer, more meaningful existence." –Paul Madar, 39, recording artist and audio & video engineer

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This book answers the greatest question of all.

What is the purpose of life?

Now, after thousands of years, people can know the purpose of life.

It isn’t enough to know the overall purpose of life. Within the purpose of life is each individual’s purpose. You have a great purpose for your life. Few people ever discover their unique and valuable purpose. You now have the opportunity to do so.

Between the covers of this book are the keys to discovering and fulfilling your purpose.

"I read Chapter 1, I allowed the images to move through me, without trying to hold any one in my mind and examine it. As the images moved through my mind a sense of peace came over me. It was a sense of everything being good and right in the world. This is the same feeling that often washes over and through me when I listen to Dr. Condron teach and speak. It reminds me of what I have read about the Buddha’s effect on people in his presence. --Stacy Ann Ferguson, 24, web designer

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