9 Lessons for Changing Yourself,
Your Relationships, & Your World

by Dr. Barbara Condron

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In a world where killing is sport, war is entertainment, and betrayal is common.......

How do we make

This is the question students and teachers at the College of Metaphysics asked as they built the first Peace Dome on their campus.

To find answers they enlisted the help of some of the greatest minds throughout history. People like American scientist Linus Pauling and Swedish stateswoman Alva Myrdal, Irish activist Betty Williams and U.S. President Jimmy Carter, – all Nobel Peace Prize laureates. What they had to say does more than inspire, it educates the mind that is hungry for peace.

What they did, and do, is a testament to the Truth each believe. Mother Teresa, a Catholic nun, cared for the sick and dying in the streets of Calcutta, loving those whom society had forgotten. Martin Luther King, Jr. practiced the principles of civil disobedience to draw attention to unjust laws, forgiving those who meant him harm. His Holiness the Dalai Lama lost kin and country yet gained a world through his grasp of universal responsibility. In PEACEMAKING you learn their stories, read their words, and realize how to make peace.

The genius of this book only begins there.

In the hands of Dr. Barbara Condron, each Peace Prize laureate teaches a lesson in what causes peace. Mother Teresa’s lesson of gratitude is taught through the power of a smile, Linus Pauling’s "culture worthy of man’s intelligence" comes alive in peace equations created by students, and Betty Williams’ life-changing nightmare becomes the springboard to identify our own defining moments. Here are the steps that free the mind to contemplate a spiritual concept like peace and enter into what Albert Schweitzer called "a new mentality."

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