"This book contains new insights into diseases and their remedies for the modern world and points out to the fact that everyone has within him the potentiality to heal himself." –Swami Joytimayananda


includes the quantum physics of healing

by Dr. Daniel Condron

ISBN: 0944386121 $13.00

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This book holds the key for living a longer and healthier life. An unparalleled reference book, Permanent Healing lists many common diseases and disorders and their mental causes and remedies. Over thirty years of experience and research have uncovered the thoughts and attitudes that cause wholistic healing for the mind, body and spirit.

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Something wonderful is happening! A revolution is taking place. This book is a mental revolution. Your life is going to change-for the better. Beyond temporary, symptomatic remedies is the knowledge that can bring you Permanent Healing.

Discover how to:

Be energized and youthful throughout your life
Change genetic susceptibility to disease
Utilize the scientific structure of the mind & body
Release self-defeating patterns of thinking
Balance mind-body energies
Cooperate with inner health resources
Successfully use visualization for healing

Exploring all systems of the physical body, Permanent Healing relates the internal thinking patterns causing health and disorder. The extensive glossary enables you to identify the cause of any bodily disorder. More importantly, Permanent Healing empowers you with proven suggestions to insure healing in mind and body.

Dr. Daniel Condron helps you liberate your mind and body from the fear and pain of disease by helping you understand what your body is trying to teach you.?

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