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There is one skill whose secret power has been known by a few throughout the ages. All people of success use it in their unique fields of expertise. This secret was known by Guatama the Buddha, Jesus, Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham is used today by anyone who exhibits genius, mastery, and excellence.

This treasure is called concentration. Concentration is the ability to focus the mind at will. When one focuses, all thought is intensified, increasing the power and depth of the thought process.

The Four Stages of Growth

by Dr. Daniel Condron

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I didn’t want to put this book down once I got started because I was making all kinds of connections with experiences I’ve been having and have had in the past. This made reading it an exciting and fulfilling way to gain more of an understanding on what I have learned in every aspect of my life. It helped me to look at myself more honestly from different perspectives. I now have a better understand of the reasons why I do things the way I do, as a result of my childhood. It helped me to open my eyes about a lot of things. I was really harshly judging myself and I shouldn’t have, I realized that it was all, learning. Because of this, I’m not so hard on myself now because of the choices and actions I’ve made throughout my life.
-JC Braden, 27

Seven Secret Keys to Prosperity & Abundance

by Dr. Daniel Condron

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The keys to Prosperity and Abundance are offered and given freely in this book so that all may gain the value, worth, prosperity, wealth, and abundance that is their true birthright. There is abundance in this Universe. There are alternative sources of energy that have not been developed and many that have yet to be discovered. With the increased ability to harness greater amounts of energy, greater wealth is produced. Humanity has only begun to tap the resources of our environment and we still have other planets, solar systems, and galaxies of energy waiting to be directed by the thinker. So you see the wealth of abundance available in our physical universe is almost unlimited. .... However, there is an even greater resource that is so vast that few people in history have even come close to understanding the vastness of it. This is the power and abundance that comes from drawing upon, harmonizing with, and utilizing the inner mind.

Constellation of Truth by various authors

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This book is a compilation of excerpts from books published by the School of Metaphysics over the past three decades. The authors of these books have collectively taught hundreds of thousands of people to develop mental discipline and how to live in harmony with the Universal Laws and Truths that govern creation. The ideas and thoughts presented here are universal, applicable to anyone anytime anywhere. These truths are timeless, resonating with the soul as they are read. Wisdom is presented from the authors’ own experience and authority, inspiring heart and stimulating the intellect.

The theme of the book is intended to aid in developing a deeper understanding of the twelve major virtues or attributes needed to move humanity from its present stage of development called Reasoning or Reasoning Man to the next cycle of learning called Intuition or Intuitive Man. Man in this case is referring to the Sanskrit word manu meaning thinker.


from Existence to Fulfillment

by Dr. Pam Blosser

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Everyone alive has 24 hours every day to create what they desire and forty to fifty years of productive adulthood. Yet different people accomplish more in their lifetimes than others. Some live their lives not knowing where their motivation comes from or what thoughts provide their motivation. They seek comfort and are moved to action when the external stimulus becomes uncomfortable. They give little thought to a direction in their life. They are the Joe Blows who are born, grow up, get married, have a job and a family and die without changing themselves or the world around them.

Others live their life around the accomplishment of physical desires: a comfortable home, a respectable job, children they hope they have raised well. Wanting to do right and be respected, they set goals and standards by which to live and are proud of a job well done. They are white and blue collar workers whose lives revolve around their careers and families.

Still others sense there is a purpose to life and seek to understand the deeper movement underlying physical accomplishments.

A Walk through the Planetary Garden

Astrological Basics

by Dr. Geraldine Hatcher

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What a wonderful little, blue book full of wisdom. When I read how my astrological sign was described, I was amazed because of the truth that was given. The zodiac sign I have chosen this lifetime is the Libra influence. In my astrology chart that I had done, I discovered that most of my planets are in Libra just like my sun and moon are. The short, descriptive text gave me more than any other astrology book that I have used, because it gave me a suggestion on how to cause balance in my life. I have noticed that I do cause there to be turmoil in my life so I can find peace. I want more in my life than turmoil, I want balance, peace and security.

-- Jennifer Childers, College Student

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