Escaping the matrix
of the 21st century just got a lot easier.


10 Essential Life Skills for Health, Prosperity, Success & Peace of Mind

by Dr. Barbara Condron

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Whether you are a parent desiring to provide wisdom and guidance for your child, an executive guiding the growth of your company, or an artist bringing forth a vision, the real fruit of any action in life is Self awareness. MASTER LIVING synthesizes thirty years of research into whole mind thinking that empowers you to live in harmony with the laws that govern creation. With these concepts and practices you will live longer and prosper through using Mental Technology to align spirit, mind and body.

Here are your mind skills for...

...Greater Health
"Since I have learned the skill of
listening my children and I are much closer. If I had known what real
listening was when my children were growing up... " –Karen Mosby RN

...Greater Prosperity
"True wealth is gauged by what happens inside. It is not what we have but who we are. Dr. Barbara Condron's description of the 10 Essential Life Skills should be a handbook for anyone wanting to receive more out of life."
–Dr. Teresa Martin, Medical Technologist

...Greater Success
"Developing my ability to focus my attention has aided me to make better personal and business decisions. With a clear mind, I can respond to the needs in the moment." –Adam Williams, Manager

...Greater Peace
"When I learned to practice Self Respect instead of reacting to people, I experienced real peace for the first time in my life." –Jennifer Childers, college student

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