-- Leonard Orr, Author of
Immortality and The New Renaissance

This book totally
changed my consciousess. Just by reading it!"
- Ivy Norris, Certified Natural Health Professional

Kundalini Rising

Mastering Creative Energies

by Dr. Barbara Condron

ISBN: 094438613X

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"A scholarly fusion of myth, legend, Biblical, historical, scientific, and metaphysical data...well offset by segments of sensitive counseling for the needs of self as it lets go of the limitation consciousness.... revealing the qualities of mysticism which relate to the processing of the Kundalini experience to the heights of its inherent ecstasy."
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5 Steps to Creative Dreaming

audio cassette

by Dr. Barbara Condron

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The Spiritual Focus Session entitled


An outstanding endeavor in the field of mankind's search for Self awareness, Kundalini Rising reveals the natural evolution of individual creativity. Share the creative thoughts of geniuses such as Einstein, Shakespeare, and Plato, and enter the realms of revelation as experienced by the world's masters of spirituality. Dr. Barbara Condron leads us on an exhilarating investigation of the greatest creative energy available to man - the Kundalini.

Tracing the development of creative energy from the time of Adam and Eve to the present, Kundalini Rising transports your consciousness far beyond the limits of physical time and space to the source of your creative power. Move beyond the limits of goal setting and learn how to recognize the awakening of creative energies in your life. As the use of Kundalini becomes a part of your daily consciousness, individual evolution is accelerated and global evolution is enhanced. Explore the nature of Kundalini to:

• Transform sleeping consciousness into creative genius

• Quicken manifestation of visualized desires

• Awaken miraculous healing abilities

• Explore the chakras and their relation to DNA and the body's natural steroids

• Realize the purpose of existence through transcendent states of consciousness

• Reveal the mystical experience of tantra and spiritual rebirth

For those aspiring to fully realize the creative potential within and to expand consciousness to include the inner realms of Self, Kundalini Rising is unequivocally the most expansive resource available.

"A futuristic vision of the unfolding of inner creative consciousness from talent to genius to transcendence"

-Thresholds Quarterly

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