who reads this book will be transformed.

Karmic Healing

by Dr. Laurel Clark

ISBN: 0944386261

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"Candid and insightful, this book is a must read for anyone who loves someone with chronic illness, for doctors who want deeper insight into their patients’ spiritual needs, and for those who want to understand love in the highest expression."

-- Leading Edge Review

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Can disease, even terminal illness, be enriching?

This is the story of a friend, a wife, a spiritual teacher enriched by her experiences as she walked with her husband through the strange and surreal world of modern medicine during a six-year ordeal with diabetes, blindness and kidney failure.

Dr. Clark relates how she learned to view disease from the soul’s perspective. She used prayer, meditation, and metaphysics to comprehend the purpose for it all. Journaling her inner reflections and growing spiritual awareness, she raises questions about life and death that will challenge your belief system. Her insight into modern medical science coupled with her desire to understand the fundamental principles of life is inspiring and thought provoking.

Anyone who reads this book will be transformed.

This may be the hardest book you will ever read. Hard because it is real. Hard because it brings you face to face with pain, loss, sadness, illness, and the struggles of living in an imperfect world. At the same time, you may experience the most profound and uplifting change in your consciousness as you discover how to find peace during stressful times and to be centered in the enduring power of love.

"Understanding the Universal Truths, the meaning of all this, helps me to have some perspective on this experience. If I can use this crazy roller-coaster to help someone else,
it will be worth the emotional ups and downs."
– Dr. Laurel Clark

"A tour de force! Dr. Laurel Clark has created the perfect bridge between Western medicine and technology and wholistic universal healing."

-Dr. Daniel R. Condron, author of Permanent Healing

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