How to Raise an Indigo Child


A child is waiting for you to read this book.

How to Raise an Indigo Child

10 Keys for Cultivating a Child's Natural Brilliance

by Dr. Barbara Condron

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"From Self respect to listening to reasoning and intuition, Dr. Condron showed me how to have a more enlightened relationship with my young adult daughter. I can now see how to be the kind of parent I’ve always wanted to be. Parents of all ages must read this book!" -Mari Hamersley, parent/teacher, Des Moines, Iowa

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"The answer to every parent and teacher’s prayer on how to be intelligent, respectful and compassionate with those energetic, willful, creative souls in our midst. With the tools Barbara Condron teaches, we can meet the educational needs of these dynamic children." --Pamela Blosser, Montessori-trained director of a summer children’s camp

"Dr. Condron does an excellent job of asking questions that all parents have and then answering them with practical suggestions to help the children andthe parents lead a healthier, more secure life. As a mother of twins, while reading this book, I was often struck by the way I had asked myself the exact same thing. I have learned many things that I can use to help my children mature into healthy, happy adolescents and beyond. Great book for anyone with children anywherein their lives!" -- Dana Wiggins, Mother of twins

"Full of human feelings and spiritual insight, when I read How to Raise And Indigo Child I felt I was in a loving, caring home glimpsing the lives of Indigo children from an elevated point of view. Dr. Barbara Condron makes so many connections that I now see people and children in a whole new way. Indigo children’s learning is multidimensional, outside the norm. This book is a guide to enter into a new way of learning and teaching. It is a must for all teachers."--Tad Messenger, college lab researcher and substitute high school teacher, Rochester, New York

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