Every Dream is about the DREAMER


Every Dream is about the DREAMER

by Dr. Barbara Condron

270 pages


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by Dr. Barbara Condron

ISBN: 0944386164

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Do other people dream about the same things you do? Can dreams be a premonition? Or a glimpse of some other dimension? How can your child’s dreams help you be a better parent? What were your childhood dreams trying to tell you? Why does the same dream repeat itself, again and again and again? Why do we wish some dreams would never end?

Since www.dreamschool.org became a presence on the Internet, thousands of people from around the world have sent emails about their dreams. The questions they ask are universal, in much the same way as the dreams themselves are. These correspondences reveal the common themes that run through our dreams, and what they mean. Once decoded, they become personal mythologies revealing individual quests for success, enlightenment, and peace.

For decades, students and teachers at the School of Metaphysics have studied dreams as a gateway into nocturnal consciousness. This research has led to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone for decoding dream messages, a kind of inner dimensional hieroglyphics called the Universal Language of Mind. Using this language, all dreams have meaning relative to the state of the dreamer’s consciousness.

What questions do you have about your dreams?

Maybe the answers are here.
Since www.dreamschool.org was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world. This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

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