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Life Lessons guided by Spirit

"This God that I would imagine no matter what it was I felt guilty about or ashamed or thought I’d done wrong, always loved me, and always thought I was beautiful, and always thought I was talented and always stimulated in me, that I believe in whatever was the highest part of myself. Well, I started to think about where I got this image from because it wasn’t something that I’d been taught in words. I wasn’t even taught to believe that there was a God. I was taught to make my own decision about it. And what I started to look at, was my physical father had many of the attributes that I created in my image of God. My physical father was a very considerate, kind man who always do things to help other people and often times think of other people before himself."

-- Walking the Way of the Lord

"In studying about the mind and working with different religions, with different scriptures, I found that in each case there are certain codes of ethics or codes of conduct that are offered to be practiced by the thinker. We have heard of the 10 Commandments. We have heard of the Nine Truths of Bhudda and the Eight Fold Path. There is also a code of ethics that is in regard to us as thinkers, as reasoning man and it is presented to you in Matthew Chapter Five. The guidance that is offered in this particular chapter is referred to as the Beatitudes."

"What would one of God’s ‘chosen ones’ be like? Perhaps the Beatitudes was talking about the ‘chosen’, and how you would become one of God’s chosen."
-- The Beatitudes

"We will also give you a step by step process and a clear picture of what it means to exist in the physical with the conscious mind and to have the superconscious mind, called the New Jerusalem in The Book of Revelation, come down out of Heaven and to experience superconscious mind while in the physical. You might call that in other terms, enlightenment or full of LIGHT. These things we will explain to you so that as a reasoner, you can speed up and you will speed up your evolution and cause that Day of Reckoning."

--The Bible In a Nutshell


Messages that Uplift the Spirit ($8.00 each)

1 If God Were a Procrastinator & Other Biblical What Ifs Add to Cart

2 If I Died Today, Would I Go to Heaven? Add to Cart

3 Transforming Power of Imagination Add to Cart

4 Remember Your Early Love Add to Cart

5 Walking the Way of the Lord Add to Cart

6 The Wisdom of Solomon Add to Cart

7 Speaking in Tongues Add to Cart

8 Speaking in Tongues II Add to Cart

9 Resurrection of Man Add to Cart

10 Truth and Misconception Add to Cart

11 The Revelation of God in Man Add to Cart

12 Spiritul Awakenings Add to Cart

13 The Beatitudes Add to Cart

14 Secrets of Immortality Add to Cart

15 Raising a Child of the Creator Add to Cart

16 How to Cure Spiritual Amnesia Add to Cart

17 How Long Must We Wait for Christ's Return? Add to Cart

18 You Big Sinner Add to Cart

19 There is a Gift in Every Experience Add to Cart

20 Will God Protect You on the Passover? Add to Cart

21 The Secret of Service Add to Cart

22 Your Truest Friend Add to Cart

23 What Buddha Might Say about Christmas Add to Cart

25 The Thankfulness of Giving Add to Cart

26 Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose Add to Cart

27 Goodbye Shackles of Fate Add to Cart

28 How to Survive Spiritual Initiations: The 13 Values Add to Cart

29 How to Survive Spiritual Initiations: Alchemy Add to Cart

30 Where are the Atlanteans Incarning? Add to Cart

31 A Disciple of God Add to Cart

32 The Voice from Witihin Add to Cart

33 Being a Channel for God Add to Cart

34 A Serpent is Born: Myths of Transformations Add to Cart

35 What's so Bad about Armaggedon? Add to Cart

36 Is God Dead, and if so, Who Killed Him? Add to Cart

37 The Power of Kundalini Add to Cart

38 Spiritual Man in the 21st Century Add to Cart

39 Karma Yoga: The Secret of Service Add to Cart

41 Miraculous Transformations Add to Cart

42 Commitment: Fulfilling Your Vows Add to Cart

43 The Bible in a Nutshell Add to Cart

44 What if Jesus Had Been a Slave? Add to Cart

45 What the World Needs Now is Love Add to Cart

46 The Path to Enlightenment Add to Cart

47 A Band of Gold Add to Cart

48 Mother Zion Add to Cart

49 Open Your Heart to Receive Add to Cart

50 When God is Your Father, No One is a Stranger Add to Cart

51 Family Values Add to Cart

53 Wake Up World Add to Cart

54 Whatever Happened to Good Old Conscience? Add to Cart

55 Peace, An Idea Whose Time Has Come Add to Cart

56 Time God Add to Cart

57 Wisdom of Fathers of Humanity Add to Cart

58 The Breath of God Add to Cart

59 Let Go and Listen Add to Cart

60 Melting the Hardness of Your Heart Add to Cart

61  Making Space for the Christ Child, Dr. Pam Blosser Add to Cart

62  Spiritual Cornerstones:  Surrender, Dr. Pam Blosser Add to Cart

63  Spritual Cornerstones:  Commitment     Dr. Pam Blosser Add to Cart

64  The Parable of the Seed, Dr. Pam Blosser Add to Cart

65  The Parable of the Weed, Dr. Pam Blosser Add to Cart

66  The Parable of the Net, Dr. Pam Blosser Add to Cart

67  The Parable of the Pearl, Dr. Pam Blosser Add to Cart

68  The Death of Believing and The Birth of Knowing, Dr. Barbara Condron Add to Cart

69  Masters In Our Midst:  Becoming a Force for Good, Dr. Barbara Condron Add to Cart

70  Declaration for Spiritual Intuitive Man:  Universal Peace     

       Covenant Interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind, Dr. Barbara  Condron Add to Cart

71  The Year of Grace, Dr. Laurel Clark Add to Cart

72  The Light Shines in Darkness, Dr. Laurel Clark Add to Cart


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