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Music CD's ($15.00) and downloaded songs (.99/title)

new! Power of Prayer around the World - a Guide/Songbook , coming soon audio downloads & live performance video

Portraits of Healing by Matt Valois (music inspired by Healer's Portraits)
Add cd to Cart Listen & Download songs

Love is Bliss Add cd to CartListen & Download songs

Hope by Paul Madar (music inspired by prayer) Add cd to Cart $15.00Listen & Download songs

The Invitation - audio recording of the play in four movements Add to Cart

One Voice (Recitation of the Universal Peace Covenant and Satyagraha chant) Add to Cart

Lucid Dreaming (original songs that lead you through a complete 24 hour cycle) Add to Cart

Christmas In the Peace Dome  (traditional holiday songs & peace songs woven through reading of the Universal Peace Covenant) Add to Cart

PeaceJourney (soundtracks from MakingPeace DVD/Journey of a Student) Add to Cart


For Young Souls - titles listed below are just $12.00 each

Radiance (cassette) Add to Cart
recording of the book Radiance (by Dr. Barbara Condron), a modern day myth with Boy, his dog Fatima and the City That Comes and Goes.

Seeds of Peace (cassette) by the Kids at Camp Niangua Add to Cart
Focuses on peace stories, songs and prayers from around the world. Performed and recorded in the Peace Dome.

Kanakam (cassette) by the Kids at Camp Niangua Add to Cart
Being/Doing instruction on meditation for kids of all ages. Includes a set of wooden prayer beads.

Peacemakers Songs For Young Souls (cassette & songbook) Add to Cart

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