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POWERS of TEN: a six hour odyssey for your mind (cassettes) $75.00 Add to Cart

Mental TechKNOWlogy Education for the Whole Self  $80.00 (eight classes on variety of topics, sacred geometry, taraka yoga, origin of life, prayer, astronomology and more) Add to Cart

The Real Christmas Story & The Real Meaning of Easter for Indigos by Dr. Daniel Condron $15.00 Add to Cart

Self Study (four tape volume sets  $40.00 each)

The Art & Science of Meditation  eight lessons teaching meditation Add to Cart

Dreamschool  eight lessons teaching dream interpretation Add to Cart


Lectures On Cassette  $8.00 each

People Who Change the World by Dr. Pam Blosser Add to Cart

The Art of Expectant Listening by Dr. Barbara Condron Add to Cart

Mystical Children: The Three New Races by Dr. Barbara Condron Add to Cart

How to Create What You've Always Wanted by Dr. Barbara Condron Add to Cart

Five Steps to Creative Dreaming by Dr. Barbara Condron Add to Cart

The Spiritual Science of Dreaming by Dr. Barbara Condron Add to Cart

Dreams:  Inner Communication by Dr. Paul Blosser Add to Cart

Universal Language of Mind by Dr. Daniel Condron Add to cart

College of Metaphysics Table Talks with Dr. Daniel Condron $8.00 each

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1.  The Benefits of Fruit Day: Using Your Food for Learning

2.  The Purpose of Fruit Day

3.  The Ultimate Diet

4.  Concentration & A Still Mind Part I

5.  Concentration & A Still Mind Part II

6.  The Motivation to Practice Enlightenment

7.  Discipline: The Power to Achieve Enlightenment

8.  Achieving Pure Consciousness

9.  Purpose of Life

10. How to Spiritualize Your Body

11. Building the Energetic Campus with a Still Mind

12. Using Dreams to Achieve Enlightenment

13. Prosperity & The Love Bank

14. The Productive Use of Emotions

15. Universal Life Force & Enlightenment

16. Freedom From Smoking & Other Habits

17. Commitment to the High Self

18. The Still Mind Overcomes the ego-Dragon

19. The Real Christmas Story

20. How to Ask The Right Questions

21. Leading By Example

22. Dream, Death & Enlightenment

23. The Power of Breath

24. The Empty Mind & Its Benefits

25. The Meaning of Lucid Dreams Add to Cart

26. Lucidity and People In Dreams Add to Cart

27. The Universal Meaning of Dream Symbols Add to Cart

Table Talks: Volume One, Volume Two $80.00 each (Volume One 1-12, Order Volume One Volume Two 13 - 24 Order Volume Two)

Looking Forward to Millennium Changes  $3.00

dOMe Meditations (OM meditation in the Peace Dome led by Dr. Daniel Condron)   $10.00 Add to Cart

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