Going in Circles-
Our Search for Satisfying Relationships

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Relationship are central to our understanding of ourselves and the Universe. During her years of living as a teacher and counselor, Dr. Barbara O'Guinn recognized the need for intuitive counsel for those desiring fulfilling relationships, particularly between the sexes. The result, published in 1979, was the book Going in Circles: Our Search for a Satisfying Relationship.

Filled with excerpts from Past Life Crossings, this book talks about the search for love. The third section on original sin will help you dispel the confusion between physical pleasures and spiritual satisfaction, allowing you the freedom to completely express your Real Self with another.

Going in Circles was the first perfectbound book published by the School of Metaphysics. With over 10,000 copies, it was allowed to go out of print in 1990. Now, 25 years later, the original text is an ebook (complete with contemporary material added by its author Barbara Condron) available for limited time by download as our gift toward your growing awareness! Watch for Dr. Condron's new title on relationships, Intimacy, available for Valentines 2014.

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Going in Circles: Our Search for a Satisfying Relationship
by Dr. Barbara O'Guinn Condron

The Circumference of the Circle

It's electrifying.

It vitalizes and rejuvenates. It causes our adrenalin to flow. It sends shivers throughout our minds and bodies. It brings us to the top, and sometimes leaves us dangling there.
Philosophers philosophize it. Musicians sing it. Psychologists categorize it. Ministers eulogize it. Each of us experience it.
Love. Circular and cyclical.
Although we will only be concerned with loving relationships between males and females in this book, if we can open doors for understanding and practicing love more fully, the effects will be seen in any love relationship. We will explore love from different angles, at its best and its worst. Concepts of balance, respect, initiative, desire and fulfillment will become part of not only your vocabulary but your thinking.
We won't pull punches. We won't make excuses. We won't give "easy outs." In life and love, there are no such things. In exploring and defining as well as practicing love, we will find that our ability to experience and express depends solely on our ability to experience and express love within our Self.
The opportunities, the problems, the ups and downs, the unrequited loves, the loves we'll never forget, those we'd rather forget, the fantasies, the standards and conditions, and a host of experiences the searching adult encounters, will be the meat of this journey into the whys, wherefores and therefores of love. In our quest, it will become apparent what is really behind that insatiable urge to mate. It will also become apparent why, so often, those urges lead us into quarrels, misunderstandings, ultimatums, separations and depressions.

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