Man as creator, helping children connect the brain and heart


Wiring the Brain and the Heart

by Dr. Barbara Condron

Increasingly, the entity that is the School of Metaphysics is revealed to me. Like a soul maturing, a child growing day by day, this School is coming into its own, beginning to define its potential. As it nears its 28th year of growth as a distinct vibrational entity, SOM reflects its mission more clearly now than ever before. The School of Metaphysics is becoming a force to contend with.

The School of Metaphysics is unique in the world. It exists to overhaul education in ways few people have dreamed. Those of us who resonate to its vibration are here to revolutionize education as the world knows and practices it. The revolution begins with adults, those who are capable of teaching old souls in young bodies, parents and teachers and community leaders and so the course in enlightenment SOM offers is for adults.

Our School exists to teach teachers of mind, men and women who understand creation and know how to harmonize with the laws governing creation in our universe. Our certificates acknowledge the individual’s grasp of knowing how the mind creates with thought.

With the amount of intelligence in the world it is a travesty that the diplomas people invest so much into earning do not denote the fundamental principles of focused attention, concentration, memory recall, visualization, meditation, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis. Modern society doesn’t even teach our youth how to breathe properly, instead it labels them asthmatics and well intended “health care” officials supply them with drugs and inhalers.

Recently I taught a class of 10-15 year olds the first three steps of living meditatively. One of my students, a thirteen year old boy, was a classic talented and gifted child, a techno-child. Possessed of an excellent memory and fed by well-intentioned parents, his sense of identity was rooted solidly in besting the knowledge of anyone present on any subject.

“I am the greatest,” he would say. “No one will admit it but I know it.” Then he would go off and play his clarinet or talk while someone else in a group was talking. His brain was well-wired, but his heart had yet to be connected. And so I found myself hugging him a lot, touching often, purposefully creating embracing thoughts before speaking to him. When he challenged me in class he found himself in charge and therefore suddenly in need of the cooperation he had been unwilling to tender and of the teacher he had ridiculed moments before.

We all need this same guidance. The encouragement and direction to be our Self while expanding awareness of how we impact others. We all need to become consicous of our place in the larger whole. Current education teaches us to have a place by holding back, by distracting ourselves and others, or by going unconscious. What has been learned directly from interaction with others or indirectly from others’ examples, becomes a pattern by the time puberty arrives.

This arose during one class as what I called the “in trouble pattern”. During one class the afternoon was waning and they were a bit tired from lack of sleep and the morning geology trek so attentiveness was at a low. We were to practice part of the presentation we would give in two nights.

“Here and now is where Saturday is made,” I told them. “How we come together, how your thoughts and actions cooperate today is the seed for what happens Saturday.”

I stopped. I looked at their blank faces. I looked into their minds. Their energy had stopped, mired in the “in trouble” consciousness. They were going unconscious.

“You’re not in trouble,” I found myself saying. “I’m telling you secrets of the universe, the principles of creation. The power is in your mental attitude. In your thoughts. This is the difference between being okay, good, and being excellent.” I had expressed this same thought many times to many adults over the years.

“Each of you is exceptional, talented. You can get by in a world of average people with little effort or you can begin ascending Jacob’s ladder, mastering your own consciousness.” I realized they probably didn’t know what I meant by Jacob’s ladder, and unfortunately none of them asked, but their consciousness was awake and energized for rehearsal.

These vital souls need to be loved and their minds need to be fed. Here are eight skills of the mind that every school will eventually teach:

1) Self Esteem. The capacity to continually update your mental concept of yourself is the first step to recognizing the power you possess as an individual. Children have an inner sense that life is for learning, they don’t have to learn this simple truth as most older folks do. They will need to know how to apply the sense of integrity to how they see themselves. Self esteem is the cornerstone for integrating Self and relating with others, invaluable throughout the life.

2) Focused Attention. Attention is the control of the sense of the mind. By unifying the attention the outer and inner minds are harmonized. This is the key to memory recall and to being outstanding in any endeavor. It is the key to learning.

3) Concentration. Sustaining focused attention at will is the skill of concentration. The art is being free to concentrate any time anywhere. Learn the skill and you have the freedom. Will is the capacity to exist in the present moment, a skill necessary for communication, for physical and mental coordination, for success in any endeavor. Here is where harmonizing with the pulse of the Universe begins.

4) Remembering. One of the three elements for reasoning, remembering is essential for learning from the past because it illuminates cause and effect.

5) Imagination. This third element of reasoning, enables us to project into the future, to perceive probable outcomes, to change what has happened in the past to what we can imagine.

6) Visualization. Visualization is the creative power of the reasoning and intuitive minds in motion. Visualization courts the Kundalini, the most powerful energy available to mankind. It unites the divided soul. Here we grow up, maturing as creators made in the likeness and image of the Source of Infinite, Perfecting Intelligence.

7) Energy Mastery. Breathing is the physical definition of life. It is also what ties the soul to the physical body. It is also the energy that invigorates the spirit of each life form. Learning how to breathe is a basic skill every man, woman, and child needs to learn. Just as we are taught how to control the eliminatory system, we can learn to control respiration and other energy flow systems of the body and the mind.

8) Meditation. Meditation is the science of realigning the levels of consciousness. This is basic education for when consciousness is One the individual is enlightened. Dreams are understood. Talents are brought into awareness. Connections with others are realized. And we draw closer to our Maker.

Adults and youth need support. They need help. They need each other. When I asked the kids in my class if they meditated only one said yes even though all the students’ parents have learned and at some time practiced some form of meditation. If children are to become responsible thinkers, they need and deserve adults who practice what they preach. Children learn what they live.

If you have children, or care for one, meditate with them. Just five minutes a day will change your life and theirs.

I counsel parents and children who want to do more things together, who want to know each other better. Meditating together is a reasonable, life-changing way to do so. Meditation stills the mind, relaxes the body, calms the emotions. It opens you to yourself and others making you more loving and communicative. It is an essential family practice and needs to be a part of every school day as well.

How exciting when it is! You won’t see it on the news, you’ll feel it in your heart.

It is time diplomas signified that their holder knows how to create. Afterall, that is what life is all about. When we understand creation, we are being like our Creator and that’s quite a few steps up from Broadway and Fifth Avenue!•

©2001 Vol. 19 No. 1

Dr. Barbara Condron is actively envisioning and enacting the evolution of education as we know it right now on the campus of the College of Metaphysics. Her talk on Mystic Children: The Three New Races is available on audio tape. Look for a new book How to Raise an Indigo Child this year.

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics

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