Birth of the planetary christ


a Thresholds Editorial

The Death of Believing

& the Birth of Planetary Christ
by Dr. Barbara Condron

On September 11, 2001, the world experienced an astounding explosion in collective consciousness.

Outwardly it was stimulated by men flying large airplanes filled with passengers into the two tallest buildings in the world’s most multinational city. In fact by the time it was over citizens of reportedly 80 nations were killed, not just Americans. If someone had wanted to attack the world, New York City, home of the United Nations, was certainly the place to do it.

Many of us saw it live, minutes following the first plane’s assault. There is no way to know exactly how many people were watching when the second plane plowed through the second of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Many who did see it couldn’t believe what was before them. “It’s like a movie,” one kept saying, unable to accept it into her consciousness. The facts couldn’t penetrate the construction of her beliefs. But they would, for this act might have been many things, which would certainly be debated and argued for years to come, but foremost this global experience was an awakening.

Throughout the days following the attack I caught snatches of news primarily from televised images, teleporting me to the scene, introducing me to those directly involved in recovery. Being a teacher at the College of Metaphysics I was constantly engaged in informing, educating, and counseling students and other teachers. And through it all Atlantis kept surfacing in my consciousness.

It was more than being in the process of writing Remembering Atlantis. Most of my work was done, and I had expected the book would go to press in the summer. However, it was still in our hands in September, and I began to realize more of why after the 11th.

This burst of emotional energy, of life and death, of mistakes and regets, of fight and flight, was the essence of the Atlantean experience. The descent into matter, magnified to the extreme, was here in New York City, the materialistic capital where just months ago two morning cohosts had joked about a new restaurant that would cost no less than $500 per person for one meal.

It was the same kind of craving for physical experience during Atlantis that lured many spirits into the material plane to find that the doorway only moved in one direction-entrapment.

Disbelief that filled most of us in those first few days after the twin tower destruction. Many stayed glued to their televisions as if seeing it over and over and over again would help the truth finally sink in so they could move from the quagmire of denial.

During Atlantean times and since, many have repeated experiences time and again, through many cultures and land areas, trying to awaken.

I was one of the many who via satellite saw the second plane plow into the second tower. It was indeed as if the wrath of God was reigning upon the city of iniquity. Then several minutes later, word came that another plane had rammed into the U.S. Pentagon. My first thought was “it has started.” Images of prophecies I had read at some time through my life flew through my mind.

I was upstairs with our son and didn’t know if Daniel, our chancellor, knew. I raced down to the great room of the main building and walked directly to the television. I told a group of people gathered there that they might want to know what was going on. My actions were Atlantean energy, the need to know, the need to communicate. I would become increasingly familiar with those energies in the coming days, a kind of exhiliration - misplaced to my conscious way of thinking - that only comes as the Kundalini energy flows toward unity within Self and with all of creation.

An hour or so later as the first building collapsed before our eyes, a teacher asked what I thought. I took a deep breath and simply said, “It’s the death of believing.”

The reference was many faceted. Certainly Biblical, for the movement from believing into knowing as symbolized by John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth who would become the Christ. Astronomical, for we are leaving the Age of Pisces, the believer, and entering into the Age of Aquarius, the knower. Prophetic, as Tennyson’s prophecy to “ring out the thousand years of war, ring in the thousand years of peace.” I knew in those first moments following the crashes that everyone’s beliefs, even those who later were shown cheering the event, would be changed. No one was going to be left untouched by this. It might be days or years before they would be aware, but they would in time become very aware of what had been started this day by only a handful of men.

Just like Atlantis.

I will think about this revolution of thought from believing to knowing many times in the weeks ahead because I know I will have several occasions to contemplate and share insights concerning the Biblical story of the birth of Jesus. This can be an incredible time of healing. This is sacred time for Christians (Christmas), Moslems (Ramadan), and Jews (Chanukah). May the spirit of each of these teachings fill our hearts and minds, becoming a guiding light to reason and resolve, intuition and illumination.

Some think religion is the cause or cure of man’s inhumanity to man. I understand the place religion holds in teaching how to believe. Some think science is the cause or cure of man’s inhumanity to man. I understand the place science holds in learning how to know. Remembering to keep a tender heart will empower us to develop this new sacred science of knowing.

Perhaps we are now ready for a sixth planetary influence either from afar or produced through us. Maybe the purpose of all of our experiences is to produce the planetary Christ. Certainly, all the evidence, physical and metaphysical, points to our individual destiny as enlightened beings. History reflects this journey thus supporting this idea. More and more we can imagine the possibilities of a world filled with Siddharthas, Quetzecoatls, Zarathustras, Moseses, Pythagoruses, Jesuses, Mohammeds, Gandhis, Kings, Dalai Lamas, and countless others whose names history might fail to recall.

We are as committed today to creating that world as we were when the School of Metaphysics began. As we have been in secret societies and monasteries and fellowships for countless centuries. As we were during the cycles of Atlantis. We are prepared to meet the challenge; the call for enlightenment brings.

More than one person said in that week following September 11, 2001 that time would be measured by "before" and "after." That's a good thing. That Tuesday was a defining moment, where we discovered individually and collectively who we are.
To that extent the events of that day remind me of Atlantis, the time before when our spirits were free to come and go at will, and the time after since our spirits have been tethered to a glowing ball whirling in space.

Perhaps this new marker of time will be a beginning of the raising of consciousness founding fathers of the United States believed in. May we live the vision so we can know the coming of Intuitive, Spiritual Man in our lifetime.&Mac198;

Dr. Barbara Condron is the author of Spiritual Renaissance: Elevating Your Consciousness for the Common Good and is developing the Multidimensional Living programs of SOM.
©2001 Vol. 19 No. 4

–Thresholds November, 2001, copyright School of Metaphysics

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics

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