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To read a section from this book, click here. Nuclear power pales in comparison.

The most powerful energy available to man is not kept in siloes or laboratories or rockets.

Stored within each person, this most ancient of energies is so revered in the East it is named for a goddess – Kundalini.

Now a collection of poems about personal experiences with her can be yours.

Only 500

of these hand crafted volumes are in print.

For a $25 or more donation you can own one autographed by the poets.

100% of the proceeds raised go towards the completion of the World's first


"This is a book that breathes...."

begins the introduction to Kundalini Poetry. This collection of poems by over two dozen people will take you places you've never been. It will warm you and provoke you and make thrills run up your spine.

"When Jennifer and I were placing the poems, we had a vision that each person who reads these words aloud, and in the order presented, will have a personal experience with Kundalini." –Barbara Condron, author of the best selling Kundalini Rising

It is begining to happen....in homes, bookstores, and coffee houses around the world.

“The Kundalini is a creative energy that resides at the base of the spine in every individual. In the normal or average person, this energy is dormant, in a coiled form much like the shape of a snake in a coiled up circle.

As the individual becomes enlightened this energy is aroused. Then the Kundalini energy rises up the spine through the chakras and finally out the crown of the head.

When this is achieved, the soul has reached true enlightenment....”

–Dr. Daniel R. Condron
in Superconscious Meditation


She checks to see if I’m ready...
She’s beautiful in her impatience.

I’m busy demonstrating with my hands-
Outlining her movements,
describing her to her latest audience.

I have to involve much more of me to describe her completely-
the bursts of playfulness,
the subtle wonder of how she wakes up in the morning.

And there’s so much she wants to learn.
She knows I want to teach her, but says she already knows the way.

She keeps asking if I’m ready...
How can I resist?
I hold her hand as we climb the stairs.

–Paul Madar


Do you remember, can you imagine
Can you see?
There’s a glimmer a glimpse an echo
A memory of wider horizons,
And endless shades of beautiful scenes,
A godly sun on blazing billows, bursting in blue through the gray

Raising the lid of a beautiful seed
What can be?
Beautiful Eden of falls and clear water and flowers
In a brown alley in a ghetto.
the past is a joke, a short dream, a small isle
In the light of the powerful playful surprise.
Wake to new color at the touch of its message
“I am not bound by this world,
This world is in me.”

Breathe in new colors of real
and breathe light into the world.
Open the floodgates of the skies
to shine on new facets before your eyes
And the world you know will grow to show

–Jonathan Duerbeck

With section headings like







and Synchronizing

this book is unlike any you have read.

In fact this book is an


Proceeds from this book help build the World's first


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How do I answer the knowledge of the universe?
For it is the Holy Grail I possess
when my mind lingers with you.
Little did I know the artistry of making love
until inner level eyes caressed me midst the fire flies
Like the moon pulling oceans, effortlessly drawing me in
over, and over, combing waves of desire, filling an endless shore.
I am a canvas, needing a long awaited master’s strokes
to articulate the colors of what is perceived
in need of a musician to use me as his instrument
to taste harmonies in beauty, grace, ecstasy.
Lithe and pliant, anticipating the power of our love
On every relevant occasion, a masterful blueprint disclosed
Compelling desires like requisitions past due
freed from denial, quarrying in four dimensions
expectant, inquisitive, delighted, and amazed
Motion that cannot cease, only be given dual guidance
Cooperation sanctioned when holding the Grail
no fear that it will ever dry leaving us unfulfilled.
We exist beyond the physical
Yet there are times when what I want most
is to feel you inside of me
to experience the physical balance that only comes
from the exchange of dual chemistry.
Yes, there are times when it seems
that physical release is all I want or could need
but I promise that alone, will never satisfy.
I won’t lay claim to exclusivity
even though at times I will wonder
about identities you’ve known, or know.
Yet we will bring these to each other
as gifts laid before the altar
And I will mark your soul
as you have marked mine...
a psychic vampire drawing Truth
a willing prey dedicating energy
giving from timeless richness
receiving the abundance of being whole.
Resting in the quiet of thoughts exchanged
once either, now belonging to both.
I know what it is to be cradled in our embrace,
drinking in the warmth and security
that can be had from flesh
as minds meld in somnabular visions.
Peaceful surrender in slumber.
Knowing a passion with you,
when all senses are blinded to anything
but the object of obsession.
No doubt, I will experience moments unbridled
erupting creative energies seeking partnership
only in the the tantric union of duality
expressing each quality from levels of consciousness

in ways vaguely familiar and starkly well known.
Electricity that cannot be curbed
only conducted into arcs of Light.
My mind is drawn to how I can be
because I know how we already are,
capable and whole when apart
brilliant and unified when together.
The die has been cast, the plan already made.
All that remains is involution
and drinking from the Grail
with you.

—Barbara Condron, 1990

The Poets

They hail from megacities like Chicago, and hamlets like Windyville, Missouri. They have experienced earthly life for four years or twenty-seven or forty-nine. They are business owners, linguists, geologists, harpists, parents and kids. They are human beings experiencing exceptional capabilities that open our eyes to what is and our minds to what if.

What these poets share is a keen awareness of the origin of creativity. Each has personal experience with the most powerful energy known to humanity. In the East this energy bears the name kundala meaning “coiled”. A storehouse of creative energy awaiting the command to sing into action, Kundalini is the active property, unconscious in most, which functions under the direction of Universal Law, DNA, and the subconscious mind.

In Eastern legends Kundala is a Goddess, and to know her is to possess the wisdom of a Creator. Through their varied experiences with her, these people bring into the light of day her majesty and influence. Their poems invite you into those experiences filled with awe and wonder and realization. So prepare yourself to receive your own awakening, and when you have completed the journey set forth here, write your own poem then send it to us so together we might illuminate the world.

The Fountain of Youth

Is an illusion.
Product of Maya.

Physical time as we know it ...
Is linear, horizontal-
A measurement of the movement
Of objects in the material plane.

Is an illusion.
Product of Maya.

Aging is a commonly accepted idea
Brought on by years of entrapment
And engrossment in the matter body.

Is an illusion.
Product of Maya.

Death is the withdrawal of energy and attention
From the body: it is a part of the continuum.
Death is no more frightening than going to sleep.

Is awakening.
Understand the continuity of all things.
It is easy as
Breathing In-
And Breathing Out.

I suckle the life giving waters
Of eternal existence
From the Fountain of Youth
The breast of the Mother Goddess
Whose name is Kundalini, Isis, Quan Yen, and Orphelia
The fountain bubbles and geysers up my spine,
It heals my affirmities, it exorcises my demons,
And washes away the temporal toxins
Of limitation and separateness.

I drink from the fountain
And my thirst is satiated
My circle completed, spiraled,
Made spherical into the multi-dimensional.

I open the seven gates of the immortals
And the fountain flows through me
Quenching every pore, every avenue,
Every open vessel whether atomic, anatomic, or etheric.

Now I know this beautiful fountain
Is always available to me
Always with me, always within me.
I crest my fountain
Pouring its contents from my depths
To each of you my beloved kin,
My people, my precious people.

May you too know this well spring,
This fountain of Eternal Youth.

–Damian Nordmann

What is Kundalini?

“Everything in our physical existence first began in the inner levels of consciousness. Guided by the Universal Law of Duality, the aggressive and receptive principles are called into action. When they cooperate and harmonize creation occurs. Through spontaneous awakenings of Kundalini man enters realms of thought and existence previously alien to his view of life. Only by experience in the inner realms of existence can man expect to reveal the true nature of his own creativity. Through acts of creation, he comes to know Self as a creator. This is the enlightenment we seek....

“The evidence of Kundalini rising in man lies in his evolving consciousness. Man’s need to know Self as a Spiritual being beyond his finite material existence wells up from within him. This dynamic inner urge for spiritual growth is ever-present seeking to reveal itself to a sleeping consciousness.....

“The awakening of consciousness is a personal and singular endeavor. By pursuing spiritual enlightenment with the same resolve you offer your career, your marriage and children, your money and possessions, your health, or anything you value in your physical existence, you will find many doors opening to you for a more rewarding existence. Knowledge of the nature of consciousness can serve to aid you in moving beyond spontaneous bursts of creative energy and lead you to understand and respond to the arousal of Kundalini....

“Sharing knowledge concerning the nature of consciousness, and the disciplines and practices that foster wisdom from its use, is the ideal of the School of Metaphysics, a revolutionary concept for educating the whole Self. At a seminar on Kundalini in 1932, C.G. Jung told his colleagues the awakening of this force had rarely if ever, been witnessed in the West. Yet, he believed the knowledge and use of Kundalini was paramount to understanding the nature of man. He suggested it would take 1000 years for Kundalini to be set into motion, and only then through in-depth analysis.” 1

The purpose of the School of Metaphysics is to accelerate the evolution of humanity. Those who want to know need not wait a millennium. The School of Metaphysics is the first secret school dedicated to making the ancient wisdom available to anyone who wants to develop and refine his or her consciousness to the point of mastery. By teaching how to harmonize with the laws that govern our universe, we prepare consciousness for the arousal, rising, and projection that is the Kundalini.

“Kundalini is creative energy. It rests at the base of the spine. When an individual has reached the point in their soul growth where they are ready to experience a glimpse of the mighty creative power within the self, the Kundalini awakes from its slumber at the base of the spine and rises up the spine and out the crown of the head. This experience tells the individual that they need to give their whole attention to knowing the Self.”2

To study with us, call or write the School of Metaphysics nearest you. To find out more about Kundalini attend the Spiritual Focus Weekend devoted to this topic at the College of Metaphysics. Or visit us from your own home at www.som.org.

1 from Kundalini Rising: Mastering Creative Energies by Dr. Barbara Condron ©1993 School of Metaphysics

2 from Superconscious Meditation by Dr. Daniel R. Condron. ©1998 School of Metaphysics

copyright 2003 School of Metaphysics

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