An Evolutionary Step


An Evolutionary Step in the Aftermath of 9/11

by Dr. Pam Blosser

When the events of September 11 occurred many of us stood with our mouths gaping open at what we had just witnessed.  Many looked on in horror or listened with disbelief.  How could these terrorists get past the security system checks at our airports? How could they take over a plane with just small unobtrusive weapons.  How could they crash a plane into a building?  How could they learn how to fly in the U.S. and plan this whole attack without being found out?  How could they use the American system of freedom, trust and good will against us?  How could they hate so much that they would kill themselves and others they didn't even know, people who were just living their lives?

From this disbelief is emerging the desire to know, to understand.  First we wanted to know about the people in New York and Washington D.C., the passangers on the aircraft, the hijackers.  We wanted to know who could mastermind such an undertaking.  We wanted to know about Afghanistan and the Taliban.  We wanted to know about Islam.  Books on terrorism and Islam are being sold out in bookstores.  Numerous programs on radio and T.V. are covering the Afghan people, the radical sects of the Moslem religion and Islam itself, all with the hope that educating oneself will bring about understanding.   We want to understand how someone elses right could be our absolute wrong.  How does a person like this think?  What is his or her consciousness?
We as developed countries are being pushed. Our economy is stressed.  Much of our industry is stressed.  Yet we are not breaking down. What we hear instead are cries of unity.  What we see are people giving what they can to help others.  What we feel is an emerging strength and fortitude within ourselves and a brotherhood with others. Our consciousness is in the process of reorganizing itself, and in turn will change the consciousness of the whole planet.  It needs sanity, compassion, care and patience.

This global change is an illustration of the work of Illya Prigogine who received a Nobel Prize for his research.  He found a contradiction between the second law of thermodynamics, where energy is lost whenever work is done  The idea was that certain systems called closed systems naturally deteriorate and do so faster when under stress.  Prigogine found however that there were other systems, living systems and systems that interact with the environment, that did not dissipate or deteriorate when put under stress.  In fact they jump to a higher level and reorganize into a new order, not inspite of the stress but because of it.  Once the jump is made the system never returns to the old order.  From a scientific, physical point of view Prigogine was able to illustrate how evolution occurs.

Causing the evolutionary step to occur requires neither ignoring nor denying it, nor buckling under in an emotional breakdown, but self-respect, reasoning and seeking to understand, seeking to heal and responding.   

September 11 was a moment of truth, a breaking point.  Those who are responding are lifting themselves out of their old belief systems, transforming their consciousness and quickening evolution.  The human consciousness is in the process of reorganizing itself.  The reasoning consciousness is in the process of reorganizing itself.  The intuitive consciousness is in the process of reorganizing itself.  No matter where you are in your evolution you are in the process of coming to a new state of order.   

We, the School of Metaphysics, are that new order people long for.  Reach out in your own communities because there are those there who are seeking understanding.  They need the teachings of the School of Metaphysics in making this evolutionary step within themselves.  They need to be able to see the underlying hand of God at work.  They need to know the ultimate good of the evolving spirit.  Reach out to them and give to them.  Serve them by teaching them about the Universal Laws of Creation.  Be the ultimate good.  Then our planet can heal quickly.

Copyright© 2002, School of Metaphysics

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