by Dr. Pam Blosser

Have you ever thought that humbleness is a quality that makes a person a good healer?
The action of humbleness in a healer’s portrait is described as:

"...a capacity for receptivity which is quite aggregate. We see that there are times within the outer awareness where this does shine through, it pushes from within this one very strongly. ... They (the pushing from within) are most powerful within this one’s existence. They are the culmination of lifetimes of experiences of connectedness and we see that there is a profound capacity that this one does have to be able to unite and to bring together..."

Have you ever thought humbleness is the power to unite and bring together, to make the high low and the low high? The I Ching describes humbleness as modesty.

#15 Ch’ien

___ ___ K’un The receptive, earth
___ ___
___ ___
_______ Ken Keeping still, mountain
___ ___
___ ___

Within the earth, a mountain:
The image Modesty.
Thus the superior man reduces that which is too much,
And augments that which is too little.
He weighs things and makes them equal.

The mountain, the lower trigram, which usually towers above the earth exists below the earth. And the earth, which is lowly and receptive, is exalted above the mountain. The mountain still towers majestically except now it does so within the embrace of the earth. What was separate is now united.

In humbleness you use receptivity to receive the many parts together (aggregate). That means you still your own mind and open it to another. Relaxing you invite the other person’s consciousness into your own, just as they are. You remove any judgement that makes you better, worse; richer, poorer; smarter, dumber. In healing you even remove the roles of you being the healer and the other person being the healee. You just are with that person. You enter a place within yourself where we all meet and greet and touch each other as human beings, as souls, as spirit, as God’s creation. You enter into lines of harmony, of relationship, of understanding And you stay there in your heart and soul until all is healed. Dis-ease falls away. The dead are revived. Wholeness is restored.

Seek to use the quality of humbleness in your healing. Seek to unite yourself with who you are healing. In that state who is healing whom? Are you, in fact, the one being healed? And is the one you are healing actually the benevolent one healing you? Think about it.

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