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A Different Look at Alzheimers

With all the evidence of our research into the mind for almost four decades, I am coming to the conclusion that what human-reasoning man is quick to label as disease may well be a natural evolutionary change that will ultimately lead to greater enlightening. For instance, Alzheimers. The word is well known now, and stimulates fear in the person receiving the word. Fear of losing a loved one. It is sometimes called “the long goodbye” by those who care for the person. Yet, what they experience is a freshness, a newness, living increasingly in the present moment. Their world is very different from ours, as different as a child’s is.

Self Respect frees us from ego limitations. Like an internal caste system, Self Respect enables us to separate who we are from the roles we play in life. Daughter, wife, mother, entrepreneur, writer become labels to describe the activities, not my intents in those activities. It’s the thought that counts.

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