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Numerology -
The Address Of Your Soul
Jay McCormick

Numbers are indeed found in all areas of your life. On your license plate or on your house. A policeman calls in a combination of numbers and letters on your license plate “808 KEG” to check for violations in your name. Or perhaps, a newspaper delivery boy uses your address, 717 Marshall Ave to identify your newly built house location from your neighbors to plop the Sunday paper on your doorstep. When you bake a delicious cake, you use 3 1/2 cups (a unit of measure) of flour, 2 tbsp of sugar and 1 1/2 tsp of salt to make it mouth wateringly delicious. Perhaps you travel 12 miles on a business errand or go jogging for three miles around a track, or take 2 days off of work. Weather your identifying someone’s car (an item), someone’s address (a location), or baking ingredients (a quantity) numbers are there to help you, to give you a common and shared context in which to facilitate activity. Through this shared context, numbers give order where there would have been disorder and chaos. Think what would have happened in our bread example if there would have been 7 cups of flour in our bread instead of the suggested 3 1/2 cups? It would be more like crackers. Changing the quantity of an ingredient change the quality and consistency of the bread - thus its structure and its taste, how we will experience the bread (or cracker) in the physical with our senses.

Numbers separate and identify. In assisting us toward order, numbers inherently provide a structure by which some form of creation can occur. Have you ever asked yourself what your favorite number is? If you haven’t done that, do that now before continuing to read.

There’s no doubt about it - humanity uses numbers to identify various things that have many uses in our outer environment, our world. To identify specific individuals or access to communicating with those individuals, we often use combinations of numbers for that purpose. Some common examples of this are your Social Security Number for a variety of governmental reasons, your Drivers License to operate a car, or your phone number for communication purposes.

Numbers are important as well in music, identifying beats and notes, such as first and third note of a pen tonic (five-tones) chord or the eight notes in a scale. The first, third and fifth notes in a scale when played together form a chord and as a result all harmonize, producing a sound or vibration that is pleasing to the listener who receives it. Each note embodies a certain range of sound frequencies or vibrations. As a matter of fact, each frequency has a level of pitch that can be measured in numbers on a certain type of instrument, from a low note (a low number) to a high note (a higher number). Quite compatibly, music can be equated to numbers or expressed in numbers easily. It then leads one to the inevitable conclusion that vibration can be expressed numerically.

Let’s ask ourselves what some of the other ways are that we can identify people. Well the obvious answer is your name! It’s best to use the name you were given at your birth if you are male, and if you are female use either your name on your birth certificate or if you are married, that name. It is unmistakably yours, your own unique way of identifying yourself. Even though there may be other individuals on the planet that share your exact name, none of them share the unique qualities that make you up, nor do they share all the exact same choices that you made. It is in fact the choices that we make that determine how and what we experience in life, the conditions we set up for ourselves. These conditions, this environment, is in fact ‘where’ you live, and it does have through it, in it, and along with it characteristics, attributes, and qualities which can be identified and described.

Almost all the couples whom I have known, before having their children mill over in their mind a number of different names that they would ‘like’ to name their child, or attempt to pick the name that just ‘sounds’ (interesting reference!) right to them. They describe a feeling of it fitting into place, a feeling of it just being the name that their child ‘should be’ named. Sometimes they just simply see a name in their minds outright for the child. One individual I met, the father, received a name clearly ‘Cameryn’ - a name usually spelled ‘Cameron’ - however in his case the ‘o’ was seen as a ‘y’. I always encourage couples having children to trust those kinds of intuitive insights. I encourage this because I think that each individual, each soul that enters a physical body has some intuitive influence through their parents prior to their incarnation on what their name needs to be, for reasons I will describe soon.

Taking our progression to equate everything around us take numbers a step further, it follows that we are able to transform the alphabet into numbers. Not one through twenty-six, but one through nine. Zero does not count as a number, however does count in a sense when adding it to the right of a number. Each number, almost like notes on a scale, has a different vibration or quality associated with it. Here is a chart, that correlates each letter in the alphabet to a number as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

It is now possible for you to determine the number that is associated with each and every letter in your name. Since we have established that every number has a quality or vibration, we can now say that every letter has a quality or vibration. When you say your name, you mouth the English words which are comprised of both vowels and consonants together, combining in a symphony to produce the orchestra that is your name. What we are going to do here, and you can follow along with your own name as we progress, to reveal and describe different aspects of your unique vibration.

One interesting thing about calculating the numbers associated with your name is that you need to add them up and keep adding the digits of the result up until you come up with a single digit. This process if referred to as ‘digiting down’. This single number will then reveal the quality of your vibration associated with the aspect you are looking at. The basic three aspects of how to examine your name are as follows: What is referred to as your ‘Soul Urge’; calculated by digiting down just the vowels of your name. What is referred to as ‘Latent or Quiescent Self’; calculated by digiting down just the consonants of your name. The last measure we will examine in this article is your ‘Expression’ or the essence of the vibration that makes up the grand total of YOU. These vibrations are described in mental/spiritual terms as qualities.

The first measure, the ‘Soul Urge’ is found by calculating the digited total of just the vowels in the name. It is said that vowels, AEIO and U are the ‘Soul of Language’ and thus describe what is referred to as your ‘Soul Urge’. Or how you are urged to do and create in life. In our example, Tim’s Soul Urge factors to (I=9+O=6+A=1+I=9 = 25 2+5) the number 7. Here are some descriptions of people with all the numbers in their name:

Number 1: Wants to lead and direct. Refers everything to himself, prefers to work alone or with subordinates. Is proud of his/her abilities and wants to be praised for them. Seeks opportunities to display his/her strength and usefulness. Is capable of great accomplishment.

Number 2: Wants (and needs) love, society, and companionship. Wants to work for others, and with them. wants harmony and peace. Does not object to obscurity. Wants ease and comfort, but does not insist upon his rights or viewpoint. Is kind and thoughtful of others. Is very sensitive and emotional.

Number 3 wants to give out joy and happiness. Wants to scatter their love, activities, energy and talents in a broadcast outward. Wants popularity and many friends. Wants beauty in all his/her surroundings. Is always interested and entertained. Makes a game out of life.

Number 4: Wants respectability and solidity. Wants to serve and be a rock of dependability. Is willing to deny himself that others may benefit. Is a great disciplinarian - for himself and others. Loves home, family, and country. Wants his work cut out for him - and will do exactly as he is told. Is not fond of innovations.

Number 5: Wants personal freedom in every direction. Wants change, variety and constant new opportunity. Wants to learn about life in all its phases. Will not be hampered by convention or the ideas of other. Loves pleasure, travel, sports, art, science, music, languages. Cannot submit to routine or detail. Loves strange and new people, places and things. Adapts him/her self to any condition, country or class of people.

Number 6: Wants responsibility, steadfast love, home, domesticity, roots. Is a good counselor and loyal friend. Provides shelter for those in need emotionally. Inclined toward conventional thinking, but is broad-minded and sympathetic. Loves ease, comfort, beauty, music and harmony. Is artistic, kind and understanding. Has no ambition to make a great name, but is usually well protected.

Number 7: Wants silence and peace to live his/her inner life. Wants to meditate upon his/her dreams of perfection. Hates to soil his/her hands or closely contact anything that is unpleasant. Loves to analyze, dissect, examine and consider from every angle. Demands to know the ‘reason why!’. Is conservative, refined, reserved, and spiritual. Is sought for his wisdom but does not shine in society.

Number 8: Wants big affairs and the power to handle them. Wants success in all material matters. Loves organization, construction, finances. Loves the huge operations of the commercial world. Loves to manage and direct. Has the ability for great achievement and accumulation. Is generous, large-minded, powerful and dependable.

Number 9: Wants to serve the whole world. Wants to give to all the benefits of his knowledge and experience. Has boundless faith in his own source of supply. Is the ‘Universal Friend’ sympathetic, understanding, serving. Wants to ‘broadcast’ themselves, their talents, and their emotions.

The second aspect of looking at the big picture of your vibration represented by your name is called that Latent or Quiescent self. This is determined by digiting down the consonant sum of the entire name. These qualities are not active in your daily life, like the vowels being active in your life at all times, it is you at rest. When you are alone and self-reflective, not inundated with outside responses. Adding and digiting down all the consonants in his name, we arrive at the number 6. Here are some various ideas as to what the number 6 signifies.

Number 1: Courageous, daring. Dreaming of fields as yet unconquered, heights as yet unattained, shores as yet untouched. You picture yourself as the leader, instigator and promoter of new plans and enterprises yet conceived.

Number 2: Protected, loved, comforted. Surrounded by those who you care for, such as your children and home in an atmosphere of peace and harmony, with yourself not necessarily playing a principle role. You endeavor to serve the whole.

Number 3: Your imagination pictures you positive, attractive and sought after. You always have an appreciative audience and all your sayings and doings are applauded. You see yourself expressing in art-forms, shedding beauty and happiness wherever you go.

Number 4: You are the pillar of society upon whom all depend. You see yourself working tirelessly for the rewards of accomplishment, duty, love and appreciation. You are the staunch patriot who is recognized as a savior of your land.

Number 5: You are free to travel to all the countries of the world, unhampered by ties or responsibilities. You see yourself conversion fluently in all tongues, mingling with the natives of many foreign lands, living for adventure and life experience.

Number 6: You are the center of your family, and have a beautiful, artistic and welcoming home. You like the responsibility of running a perfectly ordered menage. Your picture of the future is yourself and your lover walking arm in arm in your lovely garden, or hand in hand by the fireside. You see yourself as a cosmic server, comforter and adjuster.

Number 7: You see yourself in a beautiful library full of rare books, choice pictures and old furniture. Your windows look out on peaceful low hills and your own garden in full bloom. Many come to you to learn wisdom from your lips, but much of your time is spent alone in quiet meditation.

Number 8: You are a leader and director, and have understandings of leadership. You love valuable and enjoy rich furnishings. You conduct creations on a large scale and overcome many limitations in the fulfillment of your grand plans.

Number 9: You are filled with love and humanity and are eager to be of service - no matter what the cost to yourself. You long for personal love and happiness, but realize that your mission is impersonal service and that therein lies your only chance for happiness.

The final measure we will look at in this article is the Expression number. This is calculated by digiting down the sum of all of the consonants AND vowels in the entire name. It represents the essence of your vibration that make up the grand total of YOU. In our example name, Timothy Alan Shirk digits down, in its entirety, to the number 5. Here are some qualities and possible occupations for individuals with that expression number:

Number 1: Pioneer or explorer, creator or originator; inventor. Leader, director, manager. Chief executive, governor, general or captain. Institution head. Owner or head of any business.

Number 2: Diplomat, statesman or politician. Psychologist, student or teacher. Secretary or office worker. Statistician or compiler. Detail worker. Companion or Home-maker. Artist. Intuitive clairvoyant, mentally/spiritually developed individual.

Number 3: Artist in words - singer, writer, poet, dramatist, actor, speaker. Artist in music - singer, lawyer - any instrument. Entertainer, welfare worker, clergyman or missionary, decorater, or garment maker.

Number 4: Author of technical works, economist, technician, statistician. Professor or instructor, organizer, executive, buyer. Scientist. Accountant. skilled craftsman. Chemist, electrician. Contractor.

Number 5: Civil service officer, government worker, leader, laser, detective, writer or editor, actor, entertainer, platform speaker, Promoter, dramatic critic, theatrical manager or director. Traveling salesman. Professional courier. Mining or electrical specialist. Scientific inventor.

Number 6: Artist - dramatic actor or musician. Physician or trained nurse. Hospital chief, welfare worker, institution head of personnel. Teacher or writer, Hotel executive, restaurant or tea-room manager. Dealer in food or home necessities. Professional guardian, the ‘cosmic’ father or mother.

Number 7: Law-maker, judge, lawyer. Scientist, banker, accountant, watchmaker, University leader, Clergy/religious leader, naturalist, horticulturalist, astronomer, student of mental/spiritual law, authority on comparative religions, ceremonials and church music.

Number 8: Financier - broker, banker, bondsman. Ship or railroad builder or owner. Manufacturer, buyer or seller on a large scale. Corporation head, consultant, promoter. Newspaper manager, expert on commerce, navigation, transportation. Art patron. Organizer of charities.

Number 9: Artist - in any line. Teacher, healer, preacher, reformer. Writer, composer, art patron, judge, criminal lawyer, advisor, doctor, surgeon. Philanthropist, humanitarian.

So that wraps it up - all three aspects of yourself from various perspectives. You can do this for anyone! It’s fascinating to discover your true vibration, and perhaps cause greater alignment within yourself to be doing/being what you always felt inside you wanted to do or be but have for one reason or another not. It is doubt and fear that stops any creation, and in discovering your true vibration, you gain the awareness of where you best self lies, your best expression to the world. This can serve as a stimulus for you to make the outer match the inner!

This brings up that your name has a vibrational effect upon you. If you change your name, you will change the subtle vibrational influence upon you, so do so wisely. Like your name, whatever it is, because it is the vibration that is with you every moment you are alive. Your soul does not live in a place, but realm of vibration! as you grow and change and learn through life, you raise your vibration, causing yourself to ‘live’ in a better ‘place’. By learning about and causing to be expressed your true vibration, you discover your Self - where you live - the address of your soul.

©2001 School of Metaphysics

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