Energies for Self Recovery


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Energies for Self Recovery
by Dr. Igor A. Filkevich

Human life is an overall mystery. Many of the abilities we are born with are miraculous. We have not discovered their source. Some people don’t believe they have great power, even when they see someone else perform great miracles. They think they don’t have the same abilities themselves. Waking up your talents, doing good, and giving joy to other people, you are able to discover the hidden layer of your gifts.
Igor A. Filkevich is a healer who discovered unique energetic abilities when his father’s heart stopped beating for forty five minutes. While waiting for the ambulance to come, he did indirect massage to the heart. The doctor took the cardiogram and was amazed by the fact that the heart of the patient was absolutely strong.
Having discovered the wonderful gift of the recovery of people, Igor started deeply researching the inner energy of a human being. He has the phenomenal ability to carry out the exact diagnosis of the sick person and even determine the exact date of the appearance of the disease. His diagnosis can reveal the disease in its earliest stage; this sometimes can’t be done with the help of modern medical equipment.
Early diagnosis is especially important for patients who have cancer to prevent the further development of the disease and save them from developing different kinds of cancer. In addition, with the help of the ointments created by Igor Filkevich, people can recover from cancer, preserving their full capacity for a productive life.
These ointments are also a successful treatment for such diseases as polyarthritis, arthritis, glomerulonephritis, dispersed sclerosis, spine fractures and various types of traumas, strains and bruises.
For many centuries, the secrets of human beings’ inner energy were hidden from the common people because a person dedicated to these secrets could work real wonders greatly conducive to his rise above other people. But in reality, every one of us can feel our own energy if we try to observe our constitution. For instance, during periods of emotional excitement, every person feels a surge of warmth or a slight fit of shivering.
All of us have our own energy. Energy-current in our constitution is a very complicated process. The loss of energy is inherent in every organ. This happens as a result of environmental pollution, nervous stresses, and emotional experience. All of these factors lead to the appearance of energetic disharmony which will later display itself as pain. This manifestation of pain is considered by modern medicine to be an origin of the disease, although the first signs of the energetic disharmony may show up years before the pain appears.
It is a pity that studying very different subjects, people of today knew little about themselves and their unique energetic abilities. At the present time, most human beings use very little of their energetic reserves because in conditions of comfort, there is less need for its use. However, by not using our own energy, we promote the reduction of the immunity of the constitution. As a result, many newer and more awful diseases develop. Spending billions of dollars on medicine and medical treatments, people do not become more healthy. On the contrary the growth of disease takes place.
Humanity is facing the real threat of dying out because of the difficulty to adapt to the current ecological and social changes. But still the future of humanity isn’t so pessimistic. Every person is endowed with the effective and universal means to conquer any disease. The means under consideration is inside the person. It is his own inner energy.
The main purpose of Igor Filkevich’s life is bringing to other peoples’ lives the knowledge of their own energy, teaching them self-recovery and prevention of disease in its earliest stage. Thanks to this, everybody can forget about the word “pain” forever.
Igor Filkevich worked out a unique method of self-recovery, including more than 400 special energetic exercises for treatment of any disease. This method is described in his book The Mysteries of Human Energy. His methods help recovery from a host of complaints including nervous stresses and depressions, migraines, breaches in the immunity, asthma, gallbladder and urinary-bladder diseases, kidney, liver and heart disease, the diseases of the spleen, stomach, and bowels, lung disease, diseases of the endocrine system and skin diseases. The exercises allow one to form a graceful figure and to reduce the whole period of rehabilitation. The method helps in quick acclimatization, increases the capacity for work, promotes the development of the intellectual and physical abilities of the person and arrests the development of cancer.
Such wonderful results were achieved with the methods in the first book The Self Recovery and Life Without Medicine containing 24 recovery and energetic exercises. Exercises one through five make it possible for patients to sense their own energy and manage it. Exercises five through ten enable them to carry out the clearing of all the energetic channels of the constitution. This is very important because it helps to take out the harmful substances, to improve the blood structure and to eliminate the energetic disharmony. Exercises eleven through twenty are indicated to treat the concrete organs using the energetic resources of the constitution. Exercises twenty-one through twenty-four help to confront twentieth century diseases such as nervous stresses and depression.
The second book The Energetic Storeroom of Health, teaches how to recover from and prevent the appearance of various diseases using the energy of the environment. It contains 48 special bioenergetic exercises based on relations with the energy of the earth, space, air, water, metals, flora, and flauna. According to the opinion of the International Medical Center Help Yourself, these books should become the handbooks in every family to teach people to manage their own energy and live being healthy.
How do we determine our own energetic abilities? There are some methods of appreciating the energetic potential and assessing the conditions of one’s health. The easiest way is as follows:

Exercise: “A Spring”
To execute the exercise stand straight, join your legs together. Part the arms to the sides, joining four fingers and holding the thumb perpendicularly to four jointed fingers. Concentrate your attention on the fingers and the palm. Tighten these muscles and bring the arms together with supple movements, trying to join the palms together. Imagine something like an invisible ball interferes with it, pushing the hands aside.
Having made the spring motion for about five or six times, relax the muscles of the palms and the arms and let them part aside. After you have relaxed the muscles which you concentrated your attention on, then relax the fingers.
If your arms move independently after you have parted them to the sides -- let the arms move until they have come to a full stop. If a person is absolutely healthy, such a movement can take from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the energetic field of the surface where you stand. The more the arms move independently, the deeper is the energetic connection with the inner energy of the earth and therefore the medical effect of this connection can be higher.
If your arms do not disperse independently after you have relaxed the muscles of palms, then part them. This shows serious energetic breaches in your constitution. It means your body is giving you the SOS signal and you have more chances to improve your health if you respond to this signal.
The exercises are very effective in the morning after awakening and in the evening one to two hours before going to bed. It should be repeated five to six times, tensing and relaxing the muscles. This exercise is very important for everybody because it helps to prevent the appearance and development of cancer, and also increases the immunity of the constitution and improves the circulation of the blood. The exercise also helps in the treatment of lung disease and diseases of the sexual organs, nervous stresses, and depressions.

What should you do if you don’t want to be ill? The reason for the appearance of various diseases is that people use just one type of breath instead of three (deep, chest breath, and breath on the surface). But every type of breath carries out the energetic massage of a definite group of organs. Naturally the other organs become more vulnerable to the appearance of various diseases, because they do not receive the important level of the energetic “food” they need and don’t fulfill the normal substance change. Executing the proposed exercises with the breath, you are able to take all the organs into the process of metabolism, and as a result eliminate energetic disharmony in the constitution.

Exercise #1: “Deep breath”
The deep breath has a great influence on the abdominal cavity like a peculiar massage, thus it prevents the appearance of the diseases of the stomach, duodenum, bowels, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, the front segment of the liver and bile.
If you don’t use this type of breath very often, you can later have all kinds of the diseases mentioned above.
Thus, let’s start. Stand still, take a slow deep breath. During the process, thrust out the belly. After you have taken a deep breath, hold your breath for one second and then try to draw your belly in, slowly breathing out. The lengths of the inhalation and exhalation must be equal. Breath after breath increase the length of the expiration and inhalation. Breathe through your nose. The exercise should be executed 20-25 times two to two and a half hours after a meal or on an empty stomach. It makes a good massage of the organs of the abdominal cavity, and relieves emotional and nervous stresses.

Exercise #2: “Chest Breath”
The chest breath greatly influences the energetic zone, which regulates the normal functioning of the heart, liver, spleen, and lung and partakes in the process of formation of the muscles. Besides that, the chest breath prevents the appearance of cold and flu. This exercise also helps to treat allergy and skin diseases.
To execute the exercise stand still, hang your arms and put them aside 5 cm from the body. After that, take a deep breath with the chest. Try to raise the chest as high as possible and to enlarge the distance between the ribs, especially under the arms.
After you have taken a slow deep breath, hold it for one second, then slowly breathe out trying to press the chest to the lungs and to draw it in. The length of the inhalation should be equal to the length of the expiration. Breathe through your nose.The exercise should be executed on an empty stomach or about two hours after a meal. Do this exercise 20-25 times. Try to increase the length of the inhalation and exhalation.

Exercise #3: “The Superficial Breath”
The superficial breath influences the functioning of the cortex, the upper respiratory ducts, eyesight, sense of smell, hearing. It improves the immunity of the constitution, normalizes the functioning of the sexual organs, helps recovery from diseases appearing after depression, nervous stresses and emotional excitement.
This kind of breath relieves tiredness and apathy, improves the intellect and the intuition, increases the capacity for work, and relieves mental tension.
Stand still, take a short breath only by means of maximum rise of the shoulders. Then breathe out immediately and put the shoulders down. During this process, the upper part of the lungs fills up. This is a so-called “massage” for your soul.
The exercise should be executed about 30-60 times depending on the intensity of the phycological loading. It should be made on an empty stomach or two to two and a half hours after a meal, two to three times a day.
This exercise should be executed daily in order to be healthy for many years.•
©1997 Vol. 15 No. 2

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