The Visitors

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The Visitors

by William Thompson

Volkar stood at the screen and watched the progress of the Earth people. At times it hurt him to view, like a parent watching a struggling child. The council from the planet Avakron (thousands of light years from Earth) had agreed it was time to allow the humans to advance as they strove towards their next millennium. Another cycle within a cycle.

Volkar wasn’t so sure.

The humans had made great technological strides during their Industrial Revolution through to their twentieth Earth century, but there was still human suffering.

There were other problems. In their relentless pursuit of profit mankind disrupted the harmony of the planet. They disturbed major ecosystems and stripped the world’s forests which depleted oxygen production. Also, with heavy industrialization the air became extremely contaminated. Toxin levels in the atmosphere, and the water, rose to dangerous levels. They contributed to diseases – one of which was called cancer. The constant discharge of carbon dioxide eventually damaged the ozone layer which resulted in global warming and a chain reaction of catastrophic events.

“They’ve come a long way, haven’t they?” said Volkar soberly.

“Yes, when our explorers first visited them they were primitive,” said Vorn.

“But we taught them the phonetic alphabet, basic mathematics, the solar calendar, . . . and we built the pyramids.”

“The pyramids amplified the humans’ vibration. Their consciousness started to expand.”

Volkar looked up through the transparent roof of the laboratory and gazed at the stars. “They worshipped us. They made landing strips for our ships. . . . They thought we were gods!”

Volkar looked at his fellow scientist and their eyes met. They were shimmering crystals of energy.

“Our visitors had only the best intention,” said Volkar, “to educate – enlighten. We wanted them to live in harmony with the planet and each other.” Volkar turned away. “Their greedy human nature.” He shook his head. “Their hunger for domination and power overcame them. Oh! They are curious creatures.”

“That was a long time ago, Volkar. They weren’t developed enough to assimilate the higher energy. How could we have known they’d. . . The vibration was raised so suddenly!”

Volkar stared at the control panel. “Do you think they are ready now?”

“These creatures have made enormous intellectual strides but you’re correct. As a whole they haven’t developed understanding – sensitivity. I understand your apprehension. I know their progress is frustrating and at times you wanted to destroy the pyramids and let them retrogress, but the elder council believe these beings have potential.”

Volkar looked grave. “I’m afraid if we raise the vibration any further they’ll self-destruct.”

“It was a critical time during their Second World War when they discovered the technology to split the atom. They could have obliterated their world with nuclear weapons, but they showed the council promise. They chose to develop atomic power as a major energy source.”

Volkar hesitated then keyed in the Earth’s coordinates. He placed his hand on the oscillator. . . He slowly turned up the power.

As the cosmic vibration of the Earth began to rise strange symbols began to appear – first near the enigmatic boulders called Stonehenge. The Earth people called them crop circles. Earth’s top scientists were baffled by these bizarre shapes which mysteriously appeared in fields. After a battery of tests the brightest minds could only conclude that a cosmic energy, of unknown origin, pulsated from the shapes in a code unfamiliar to science.

What the humans called crop circles were cryptic energy signatures encoded into the Earth thousands of years ago when the explorers first arrived. Activation was to commence when the Earth people were ready for the next level of their progression.

The alien power emanated from the crop circles with an invisible rippling effect. The unearthly force transmuted the seat of consciousness (the third eye) in the human brain. The earth people started to re-evolve.

As the energy pulsed around the globe a new empathy emerged. Environmental groups lobbied against the senseless slaughter of animals for mass profits and the barbaric rituals of sport. These faster evolving, compassionate humans were the forerunners. They ushered in a public awareness of the importance of nature and its ecosystems that allow life on the planet to flourish. The council watched with approval as the human consciousness began to shift – balance.

The masses became environmentally friendly. Communities started to recycle. With growing pressure industrial conglomerates adopted the same attitudes. Automobile companies redesigned their engines to emit less emissions. Other corporations followed suit. They cut pollution which billowed from their smokestacks.

Exciting research was being done in the improvement of solar power as a more feasible energy source. There were hopes with the drastic decline of fossil fuel use global warming could de-accelerate. If the ozone layer repaired and the atmosphere cooled scientists were optimistic that dangerously high ocean levels would descend. After the ice caps stopped melting, tidal waves and mass floods could check.

There were drastic changes in medicine. The humans insisted on a more organic approach to health care. Natural health clinics mushroomed as the Earth people realized that the pharmaceutical companies (the money making machines) were pumping out man-made synthetic drugs with dangerous side effects. Many of the illnesses that plagued man were being found by dedicated naturopaths in the rain forests of the South American continent.

In time, the humans mutated to a higher plane of existence. They came to realize how futile the lower vibrations of domination and power were. As they embarked into their twenty-first century they reached for the higher light of peace and understanding. They envisioned a higher purpose to their existence.

And the Earth, too, slowly began to heal. The skies again gleamed a brilliant blue and the water glistened with iridescence from the rays of the sun. The grass, planets, and trees radiated a sparkle of soft light.

The Earth people embraced this energy; they became one with it.•

William Thompson lives in Ontario, Canada and has a diploma in short story writing.

©1998 Thresholds Quarterly Vol. 16 No. 5

Copyright© 2002, School of Metaphysics

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