Astrology as a Tool for Self Revelation


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Astrology as a Tool for Self Revelation

By learning Spiritual astrology, you can begin to know yourself more intimately as a whole functioning Self. The inner you chose particular influences to assist in your soul progression. Primary are the energies expressed through the placement of the sun, moon, and rising signs at the time of your physical incarnation. By understanding these primary influences, you can cause your life to be a more fulfilling, purposeful, and joy-filled.

If you find yourself saying, “Why does this always happen to me?” then you are missing an opportunity to bring something different into your life. Exert your will power by implementing more productive choices each day. By understanding the energy associated with each of these three major influences, you become the director of your life. It’s freeing and empowering once you identify the inertia behind each influence you have chosen.

The sun sign changes each month and is easily accessible in astrology books and in many calendars. The sun signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. As the earth revolves around the sun in its 365 day pattern, the relationship of the sun to the constellations in the heavens changes. Astrology identifies these changes and interprets the influence of the energies received from our vantage point on earth. Thus the sun appears to be in the constellation of Aquarius from January 21st through February 20, in Pisces from February 21st through March 2lst, and so forth throughout the year. The most common misunderstanding I have heard is, “If you are born on the last day of the sun sign for that year, then you will essentially have two sun signs.” This is not true. When you have a chart created by a professional astrologer, then you will have an exact sun sign based on your birthdate and time of birth. This is a simple way to determine your sun sign and it is worth the time and money to discover your true influences.

The moon appears to change signs more rapidly due to the relationship of its rotation around the earth, the earth’s rotation around the sun, and their relationship to heavenly constellations. From the earth’s vantage point, the moon will appear to move from one sign to the next about every two days. The placement of the moon in your personal astrological make-up is based on your birthdate and time of birth.

Your rising sign is found on the cusp of the first house in your chart. The chart is a two-dimensional representation of the heavens at the time of your birth. The rising sign will indicate the sign of the Zodiac which was on the horizon at the time of your birth. It is determined by your birthdate, time, and place - the country, state, city. For instance, if you are born at dawn, both your sun and rising sign will be the same. Your rising sign will be one of the 12 signs of the zodiac as are your sun and moon.

These three influences are the most personal and revealing so we will explore their qualities and how to use them.

The sun represents who you are as an individual. It reflects our center, our Self. Think of how our universe is lit by the warmth and light of our sun and you will begin to experience the importance of your sun sign inertia. For the spiritual person, the sun sign aids in recognizing your purpose for existence, your reason to be. Universally, the purpose for life is to learn and evolve spiritually. The qualities exhibited by your sun sign influence will aid you to answer the question, "Why am I Here?”

The Aries Sun stimulates the initiative of Self assertion through curiosity and enthusiasm.

The Taurus Sun stimulates the use of will to produce and attain the fulfillment of desires.

The Gemini Sun stimulates the giving and receiving of ideas through communication.

The Cancer Sun stimulates the integration of knowledge for growth-filled change.

The Leo Sun stimulates creativity and Self possession in relationships.

The Virgo Sun stimulates devotion by serving the Self through serving others.

The Libra Sun stimulates the uniting of aggressive and receptive energies in any creation.

The Scorpio Sun stimulates the use of creative power to transform consciousness.

The Sagittarius Sun stimulates expansive thinking for greater Self knowledge and understanding.

The Capricorn Sun stimulates the use of existing structures to manifest high ideals.

The Aquarius Sun stimulates vision promoting both personal and universal evolution.

The Pisces Sun stimulates imagination to transform what has been into what can be.

Most astrologers will say the moon represents your emotions and how you feel most secure. When we creatively express our thoughts, they are charged with energy. This energy expresses outward into the physical through the emotions. The key to emotions is to use them to aid your communication. A good question to ask would be, “Do I respond to life or do I react to life?” or “Am I directing my life or feeling pushed by life?” As you answer these questions honestly, you can begin to explore avenues to express yourself to build security. We all desire to be emotionally fulfilled; we can look to our moon for clues about exploring our security motives.

The Aries Moon initiates many avenues of Self expression.

The Taurus Moon holds high ideals and sustains action until they are manifest.

The Gemini Moon communicates through thought.

The Cancer Moon desires to feel wanted and purposeful.

The Leo Moon stands up to be recognized, seeking importance by commanding attention.

The Virgo Moon finds security through acts of service.

The Libra Moon explores Self-discovery through trial and error.

The Scorpio Moon exudes intense feelings in order to direct with courage and will power.

The Sagittarius Moon involves many people in life’s experiences.

The Capricorn Moon expresses themselves through accomplishments realizing power through getting things done.

The Aquarius Moon outstretches themselves through deep friendships based on unconditional love.

The Pisces Moon expresses love in creative and empathetic ways.

The rising sign is also called your ascendant. It reflects how you present yourself outwardly to the people you meet. The rising sign influences how you are seen by others. This would also be the way you want others to relate to you. How we express to the world does determine what opportunities will be available to us.

Aries Rising exhibits high energy in new situations.

Taurus Rising outwardly shows affection and a passion for physical accomplishments.

Gemini Rising looks to form mental bonds with others to impart wisdom.

Cancer Rising seeks opportunities to care for others through acts of kindness and hospitality.

Leo Rising shows courage and enthusiasm in all activities to be a leader.

Virgo Rising seeks opportunities to perform service activities.

Libra Rising searches for the “right thing to do” and reaches for beauty inwardly and outwardly.

Scorpio Rising creates excellence through magnetism and tenacity.

Sagittarius Rising strives to be broad-minded and involved in many activities for varied experiences.

Capricorn Rising assumes authority positions through a serious and reserved expression.

Aquarius Rising thrives on original or eccentric ways of living life to aid humanity to move forward.

Pisces Rising creates grand plans for an ideal world and expresses through the use of the imagination.

Your sun, moon, and rising signs are creative energies meant to explore, refine, and promote your highest ideals in life. By understanding the qualities of each of your influences, you can choose more productive avenues in life. Use these astrological keys for a more rewarding and fulfilling life. With knowledge, you can choose the inertia energy to move you forward in a specific direction, then by using your will and imagination your highest ideals and greatest desires are within reach.•
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