How to Raise an Indigo Child

How to Raise an Indigo Child

10 Keys for Cultivating a Child's Natural Brilliance

by Dr. Barbara Condron


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Table of Contents

Time 1
Essential Life Skills 4

The New Teacher 9
The Self Aware Parent & Schooling 11
Indigos – Evolution of the Gifted Child 19
Kiah’s First Recipe 28
Respect: The Steps of Compassion 29

Undivided Attention
This Child Came to Me for a Reason 35
When ADD Doesn’t Add Up by Damian Nordmann 37
Establishing Order in an Individual’s Universe 41
Attention by Dr. Pam Blosser 50
The Garden by Dr. Sheila Benjamin 53

The Girl at the Health Food Store 56
The Hyperactive Mom climbs out of the Box 60
A Primer for Optimum Learning Ability 64
The Three Fishermen of Windyville 70

The Body Changers 73
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 76
Metamorphosis 78
Hungry all the Time 83
Multiple Intelligences 86
A Different Kind of Memory 98

Turning Your Life Upside Down 105
Becoming Collectively Conscious
an interview with Will Glennon 109
The Magic House 117
Brain Food: Listening to Your Body 121

The Apple by Dr. Laurel Clark 126
Boys and Girls by Dr. Laurel Clark 129
A Tool for Change 130
Make Believe 135
Erin 136
Iris 137
Briana 139
The Tortoise Shell 143

Self Acceptance by Dr. Laurel Clark 149
Emotions 151
The Inner Teacher Awakens:
Hezekiah Condron & the Vinegar Volcano Mess
by Adam Campbell 152
Holding Your Breath 154
9-11-01 A Child’s Perspective 157
“I didn’t even Breathe!” 163
A Collective Sigh
Meeting the Educational Needs of the Indigo 166

Gratitude: Prerequisite for Reasoning 173
Beyond Your Own Limits:
Getting our of the Child’s Way by Dr. Pam Blosser 179
The Little Red Schoolhouse Turns Indigo 182
Lessons I Learned from a Six Year Old
by Shawn Stoner 188
The Sapling 193
Self Initiated Learning by Dr. Pam Blosser 196
Choices by Shawn Stoner 197

What is a Family? 200
Creating a Spiritual Focus for Your Family 203
The Soul You Call Your Child 203
Getting Inside Your Child’s Head 208
Conscious Parenting 211
For Briana on Her Eleventh Birthday 215
Birds of a Feather 216

Iris’s Weird Dream 222
What do Indigos Dream? 226
We are Linked by our Dreams 232
When a Parent Dreams about her Child 232
A Child’s Empathy for His Parent 235
Drawing on your Dreams for Conscious Parenting 236

The Golden Rule
Seven Things I’ve Learned in the First Seven Years 246
Respecting the Teacher in your Midst 255
Resources We Recommend 256

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