from the newly released How to Raise an Indigo Child

Drawing on your Dreams
for Conscious Parenting

I was the observer of the action in this dream. The action took place in a city with a foreign feel. Maybe Italy. The streets were stone or bricks. Very narrow and winding. Alongside were tenement type houses two to three stories high. It could have been “Little” something in any major US city.
There was a plot to assassinate the President. A parade was winding through the narrow streets, filling them from building to building like when they run the bulls in Madrid. A shot rang out. The President was hit. I knew instantly he was paralyzed, not so much the body as the throat. He couldn’t talk. There were Secret Service men there, one died, the others whisked the President away.
The dream switched where I am now in the dream. I am with an Italian family. Laura Bush, the First Lady, is there. The television is playing. A report on the President comes on and I move between Mrs. Bush and the TV. My job is to keep her from knowing until we can get out safely.
These people are part of the plot, I learn. They all seemed friendly, preparing food for when the President will arrive, all the while knowing he is supposed to be dead. It’s now my job to get the First Lady out of here.

I began learning the art and science of dream interpretation in 1975. Since then I have intepreted hundreds of thousands of dreams. I understand dreams as communications from the inner, subconscious mind to the waking, conscious mind. We are so busy when awake, even priding ourselves on thinking of three, four, five things at the same time, that our subconscious mind must wait until the conscious mind is pushed aside in sleep to communicate its message. What we remember as dreams are these messages.
Dream images are universal in structure, just like the lines that make up the letters on this page. You and I have learned these lines represent something. When arranged in particular ways these marks make up what we call words, and words have meaning. In this way I can write my thoughts for you to read and consider. Hopefully the process enhances both our lives. These principles hold true in any communication, including dreams. The subconscious mind gives, the conscious mind receives. When we understand the language of our dreams, we understand the message.
This was a very unusual dream for me. Rarely have I had the President of our country in a dream. Violence is also rare. Interpreting the symbols in my dream I learn that I am willing to explore a part of my consciousness that has to this point been unfamiliar to me. It is like deciding to sing solo in public for the first time or to cultivate sacred dance. This part of my consciousness is familiar enough to me that I recognize it as a place in mind, a group of related thoughts and attitudes, but I am as yet uncertain how it fits into my life.
I move on for more of the message.
The dream indicates my ideas of will are changing. This has been by design, by my own making, but I have been unconscious, unaware, of its progress. The aggressive quality of Superconscious mind expresses as will and there has been a change in this that I have felt powerless to stop. It has seemed out of my control. The change is in my ability to express the Superconscious Self.
Because this experience is unfamiliar and insecure, I am relying on the receptive Superconscious (First Lady) quality which is relative to love. In my imagination, there is always the need to protect this part of myself. To hold back until it is time, until I am secure, consciously knowing what to do. It is the root of self distrust or doubt. This affects how I receive information, how I interpret what happens around me.
Whatever I learn with this attitude is physical only. It is fake, not real.
This dream illustrates the value of subconscious mind to conscious mind communication for the Indigo parent. Remembering the previous day’s experience, I begin to see how the dream fits into my life. I can see what I’m thinking and doing through my subconscious mind’s eyes. I will share with you what I learned and how it helped me to be a better parent.
The day before this dream, my husband and I visited a health practitioner to receive energetic/chiropractic bodywork. We included Hezekiah (then six) in our visit. We had visited this doctor every other month since shortly after Ki was born, and it proved beneficial for all of us.
However, I had noticed as the months passed and after the initial bi-monthly vists the doctor’s attitude seemed to change. It was not so much that he took us for granted - gratefulness is a big theme for him - rather I sensed an arrogance that pushed me away. I asked Daniel if he noticed anything and other than a tendency for Dr. M. to talk more than he listened, he hadn’t seen much. I figured it was something inside me and decided to keep an open mind to see where it might lead.
During one visit, Dr. M.’s arrogance came through loud and clear. With a big smile and handshake, he asked how I’d been. Thinking he really wanted to know, I said, “Good” and proceeded to say a few things about what had transpired since last seeing him. I intuitively sensed his attention had moved. When I noted he’s stopped listening I stopped talking, putting my mind on what we were there to do.
In previous visits, I’d explored the distance I felt existing between us. I’d used my interactions with and reactions to Dr. M. to update some old ideas about approval and acceptance. Sometimes his disinterest or briskness would provoke feelings of dis-ease and hurt by touching a place in me where “not being understood” ideas still lived. On this day I was going to a new place with my attitudes about authority.
At the end of the treatment, Dr. M. said, “You needed to come in today.”
He might as well have slapped my face.
His words were a neutral statement of fact. It was afterall the reason I was there for a treatment. It was not the words that touched that sensitive place it was his attitude behind the words. He resonated with those males who I had felt had been in contol of my life at different times – my grandfather, my dad, a teacher. I felt like lifting my chin and walking out like a petulant thirteen year old. I hadn’t felt like this in years. I was hurt and I felt it in the twinge of pain in my chest. This man was so intrusive in my world today. He resonated with a past I thought I had outgrown. That thought was descriptive of my current frame of mind.
Here was the root, the cause, that had spawned countless attitudes of rebellion, insecurity, fear of failure and the like. They all stemmed from allowing the idea that someone else knows better about me than me. In other words, I heard Dr. M.’s words - they were innocuous - and I heard his attitude which said, “You don’t know as much as you think. I’m the doctor, I know better.” I was able to separate the elements of the experience, in this case the words from the intent.
Now I understood the growing reaction I felt to Dr. M. The impression that he didn’t really care what I had to say, that he didn’t listen, that he just wanted me to agree with his ideas or accept them, all of these were true at one time or another. What I came to admit this day was how I felt about all that. I felt hurt. I felt rejected. I felt let down, because I had come to him for help and he was the needy one! He hadn’t taken control with that paternal “I know better attitude”, I was the one giving up the control. I was doing this to myself. When I realized this at the time it was happening, I moved out of the habitual emotional reaction and gained an entirely new perspective of me and him.
My old reaction pattern would have caused me to avoid Dr. M. in the future. I would not have wanted to go back to him and I would have denied my part by avoiding the physical stimulus in the form of Dr. M. This would have postponed my learning once again.
It had taken over ten years to draw this learning opportunity to me since both the grandfather and teacher had died within three weeks of each other thereby removing them as a stimulus for this learning. That’s why I keep going back to Dr. M. With Self awareness, I know what our encounters bring to me in the form of learning are worth a great deal more than the $25 treatments. He’ll probably never know his real value to me because he demonstrates in many ways a closed mind although he outwardly appears engaging, positive, and helpful.
This brings us to what brought on the assasination dream.
On this day, the entire family was visiting Dr. M. On the way into town, a thirty minute country drive, Kiah had made it known he wanted to stop at the Niangua River to catch minnows. We were running late and since he had fallen asleep in the backseat, I decided to wait to stop during the return trip when we would have an unlimited amount of time. About five minutes from the doctor’s office Kiah suddenly sits up and says, “When are we going to get to the Niangua?” When we told him we’d already passed it he was disappointed and upset.
By the time we arrived at Dr. M.’s, Kiah was out of sorts. Of course, these discordant thoughts and emotions are part of what visiting Dr. M. helps alleviate.
Daniel went first, then me. Dr. M. and I were just about done when Ki decided he’d come see mommy. He came in and hugged me as I laid on the table, then proceeded to climb up on top of me. For a second, my attention moved from Kiah to Dr. M., and I could sense his disapproval. I also knew because of my self-evaluation work that his judgement came from his insecurity of knowing what to do.
Daniel coaxed Ki off, although it was not an easy task. Ki’s will had set in. But it bought us the time we needed to finish, then it was Ki’s turn. From Hezekiah’s point of view, Dr. M. had kept him from mom and he didn’t like that, or him.
He further didn’t like Dr. M.’s, military, take control attitude when he said, “All right Hezekiah. Now it’s your turn!”
Kiah wasn’t buying it. And he didn’t want to get up on that table. Daniel and I tried to influence him – “You’ll feel better, remember last time, etc.” and had succeeded when Dr. M. decided to tell Dan about a farmer’s market in town. This was an incredible display of the bad timing that results from the attitude of “ignore the kid when you don’t know what to do.”
As a result the moment was gone, and Ki wanted out.
Then came the bribe, “Apple or orange?” Dr. M. asked hoping this would spark Ki’s memory of previous visits when Dr. M. had given Kiah a piece of fruit for being “a good boy.”
Ki wasn’t buying it.
Rejected, Dr. M. didn’t receive this well. He was going to give Ki what he’d come for, or what he had coming, and would have if Daniel hadn’t put a stop to it all by simply saying, “No, he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to. We’re not going to force him.”
Dr. M. was flustered. Obviously not used to such parental intervention that differs from his own.
As we paid the bill and left, the room was heavy with Dr. M.’s disagreeable opinions toward our actions. The old idea of “spoiling children” found its expression in the veiled contempt his voice now reflected. In the first few month’s of Kiah’s birth I had learned that the only way you spoil anyone or anything is to leave it unattended. It is true of food, and certainly true of human beings. Daniel and I are both attentive parents, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, as well as physically.
I projected love to Dr. M. as we went out the door.
As we walked down the street, I shared with Dan what I had seen and understood. What Daniel had done was so important in our child’s life. For him, it was natural, the way he always is. For me, it was a revelation. Here was the experience lacking in my life of the loving parent who acts on what is right and as a result protects his child from psychic as well as physical harm. Dr. M. was determined to give Kiah a treament even if it would have hurt him, as certainly it would in his frame of mind.
In simple terms, Ki’s dad had stood up for him and that support would remain with Kiah all his days – I knew it in a way my spirit rejoiced.
Here was Ki’s “I know better about you than you” with a totally different outcome than I had experienced at his age. I had learned to stuff it, endure, and call it control. Ki was learning to wield his will, not stuff emotion. He was being heard and would grow up free of feelings that no one will listen.
The next morning when I awoke with the assassination dream I realized how much this experience had transformed my sense of authority. My old ideas of authority included a great deal of forced change (assasination). I had learned to cope by looking for what I could learn in situations, enduring them, making the best of them, until they were over. Images of my own childhood came back to me. I remember just enduring the time until my parents would come pick me up from my summer visit with my dad’s parents, or until our family could move into our own house, away from my other grandparents. Waiting until I would graduate and could leave the small town where I went to high school. The pattern of waiting for things to be over continued into adult years; ...until I graduate from college, ...until I get a job, ...until I move to New Orleans. It repeated over and over in my mind. Here “getting it done” paraded as accomplishments. Here were the attitudes that stole my happiness, the compulsion to “get things over with” that I could now see left me with a string of physical accomplishments where learning was in hindsight more than in the present moment.
In teaching, whether a child, an adult, or myself, awareness of the present is everything. Right here is the joy of creation. Now is the thrill of Being, the reality of entrainment.
All of this came into my awareness as I examined the dream and the experience that stimulated it. When dreams can stimulate this kind of Self revelation, just imagine what they reveal to us about our Indigo children!

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