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from 1997 Thresholds Quarterly

Unifying the Fields of Natural Medicine

Dr. Timothy Yeh, with over 36 years of medical knowledge and experience in both natural medicine and western medicine, has treated over 200,000 patients in the United States and China with great success. Using natural medicine only, he has treated many so-called “incurable” diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s diseases, lupus, and so forth.
The Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, Inc. is the first and largest natural medicine practice in the United States. Natural medicine is a rapidly expanding field. Many people who have been disillusioned with drugs and surgery are turning to natural medicine because it works without the harmful side effects of Western medical treatments. With a history of over 4000 years, natural medicine is actually the traditional medicine and is gaining acceptance in America.
Dr. Yeh is the author of Seasonal Food Medicine and he is seeking a publisher for a book of helpful and inspirational testimonials from his former patients. Natural Medicine for the Soul, can provide hope for people who do not want to live with disease for the rest of their lives and who want real recovery.

Thresholds: Your literature includes testimonials from patients who you’ve helped. What do you do to cure people who haven’t been able to be helped in any other way?

Yeh: We do natural medicine. Pure 100% natural medicine for treating different kinds of diseases. We have gotten very, very fantastic results.

Thresholds: And when you say natural medicine, what does that involve?

Yeh: Natural medicine involves quite a bit of fields such as nutrition, herbal medicine, food medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, water therapy, magnetic therapy, sound wave music therapy, aromatherapy, and bioenergy feedback.

Thresholds: What is water therapy?

Yeh: Water therapy actually is a hydrotherapy that can be used for treating pains and arthritis, bursitis, something like that.

Thresholds: The patients are in the water?

Yeh: Yes, we suggest the people to go to the jacuzzi and stay there and move their joints in water. That’s a really good help for different kinds of arthritis.

Thresholds: What is magnetic therapy?

Yeh: Magnetic therapy is that we use magnetic force to help regulate the person’s body’s magnetic field.

Thresholds: Is that used along with acupuncture?

Yeh: Yes.

Thresholds: When someone comes to you, let’s say they’ve had diabetes for years and the doctors say there’s nothing they can do except be on insulin. How do you diagnose them and how do you decide which of these therapies will work the best?

Yeh: It’s a very interesting question, talking about diabetes. Diabetes is a very tough disease to be treated. But I used to be an M.D. so I know how Western medicine is used to treat diabetes. And I was in drug medicine for almost fifteen years and I was very upset with the results of treating diabetes in that way. It looks like it never can be treated well. Only daily by drugs or insulin to get blood sugar down and it’s not a treatment on pancreas. For instance, if your pancreas is sick, you’ve got to let the pancreas be recovered. For instance if we are sick, we always tell people you’ve got to keep warm and stay home or keep in bed, and rest a few days, then you are recovered.

Thresholds: Right.

Yeh: But if the pancreas is sick, they don’t let the pancreas be recovered. They use different kinds of drugs first to stimulate the pancreas to work. That means it looks like you whip the body...sick patients...they whip it, stimulate it, [say to it] you have to get up and work. This is, we say, a wild treatment. It is a not human kind of treatment. We treat diabetes and the pancreas so wildly. It’s not a treatment, it’s a whipping.
Then the whipping doesn’t work because the pancreas cells will say “Oh, I’m sick. You whip me. Okay, today I’ll work, tomorrow I’ll work. The next year I cannot keep on working by whipping,” right? The blood sugar goes up more and they use insulin to choke our own pancreas to die. To replace it, using animal’s insulin to replace our own body’s human insulin. So, looks like the pancreas is choked and the suffocating eventually makes the pancreas die. Unfortunately the animal’s insulin is not the same as human insulin; it gives us lots of other side effects and it doesn’t work well, too. Because this is not human insulin, so this kind of treatment concept-wise I don’t agree at all.
So when a diabetic comes to me, first I have to use a way to let the pancreas rest, or to get real treatment and not to whip it, and let it work. We have to find out a reason why one got [the] pancreas problem. Maybe they ate too much of fat, maybe they ate too much sugar. Maybe they drank too much chemicals. So that’s all the reasons we have to find out and tell patients, you have to cut off all those things.

Thresholds: How do you assess that, do you interview the patient or are there tests that you do?

Yeh: Yes, we interview patients. We have to spend one or two hours on the first visit to give a biological study on patients. So-called biological study because it asks what he ate, what he drank, where he lives, and what kind of job he works. Many things, the biological study [is designed] to understand more why he got diabetes.

Thresholds: Are there other ways that you address the cause like spiritual factors or psychological factors?

Yeh: Yes, it’s a total biological study, and also if we found something, we treat on the cause. And then we use herbs, we use acupuncture or massage, let blood circulation go to the pancreas, and we can see tremendously great results from doing that.

Thresholds: And then how do you help people to stay healthy? Do you have ways that they change their lifestyle? What happens after they have the immmediate disease taken care of? Do they go back to how they were before, or do they stay more healthy?

Yeh: During the treatment we always give seminars to teach people, to teach all my patients, to know why they got sick, to know which way they should stay in. If it’s already been healed, we still need to ask them to maintain a good lifestyle and good food. For instance, a chicken is a bad meat. We say chicken is a very bad meat for ladies. So I taught them and I told them even if their ladies’ problem is over we still say keep far away from chicken.

Thresholds: Why is that?

Yeh: How do you think about chicken?

Thresholds: Well actually it’s one of my least favorites, I don’t like it all that much. I just know that most articles you read say that chicken and fish is much healthier to eat than beef and pork.

Yeh: Okay, can I explain to you?

Thresholds: Sure.

Yeh: I say the so-called food such as meat or something. Food is a food. Food is not nutrition. Nutrition is only the chemistry of food, but food has its biological effects. Food has its physical properties that we can use. So-called food is a complete science; it has physics, biology, and chemistry. So nutrition is one-third of food. We can not rely only on the chemical analysis to guide us on what kind of food to eat. This is only the one-third information so if we rely on only the chemistry -- say for instance chicken. Chicken has high protein, no fat which is great. Only four words, right?

Thresholds: Right.

Yeh: I would say it’s misled millions of people in a wrong way. First we should consider how the chicken was raised. Did you think about that before? According to to Meat Industry magazine, chicken was raised not in farm, chicken was raised in factory. Okay? And the chicken was fed with antibiotics, steroids, so this kind of condition he was raised and he was stimulated and their meat was big, but the meat was full of steroids inside. The chemistry...why don’t they tell us? They [are] supposed to say, lots of steroids there. They don’t; they hide the information, right? So steroids, we always eat steroids; they can cause cancer. Because it weakens our immune system, and it gives us lots of chemicals in the food, the meat is cancerous. So biological study...we have to understand where it grows, what is the age? Is this normal chicken or steroid-stimulated chicken? So we miss that information. Another part, we say chicken has its physical properties. It affects our liver system. It doesn’t go to our body equally; it goes to our liver system and stimulates our liver. So if we eat more chicken, our liver will be blocked. When the liver is blocked, the detoxification effect is gone. So we are put in a dangerous situation if we eat too much chicken. So for this reason lots of ladies and girls, they eat chicken, they develop breast cancer, ovarian cancer or cysts, uterus cyts or cancer or irregular bleeding, depression, many diseases will happen because the liver system is damaged.

Thresholds: And what about eggs?

Yeh: Eggs I look a little different from the meat so generally we say if [they are] from well-raised chickens, we can eat eggs.

Thresholds: I went to a chiropractor at one time who said that after getting acupuncture it was good to eat eggs because it helped to balance the electrical system. Do you ...

Yeh: It’s alright, it depends upon if you have high cholesterol and [if you do] keep away from egg yolk. If you don’t have a cholesterol problem, the whole egg is good.

Thresholds: I see. I do have another question for you. It said in your literature that you are the founder of Chinese Natural Medicine Programming. What is that? Natural Medicine Programming?

Yeh: Natural Medicine Programming is, I say, my special creative science in computer. I was the first one to program Chinese natural medicine into the computer. The first one in the world.

Thresholds: So then if a doctor wanted to do that type of diagnosis they would be able to..

Yeh: Yes, we have a machine, equipment, we can put the information into the computer and the computer analyzes it and tells us. We also have food medicine computer programming so after diagnosis we put the results of [the] diagnosis into [the] food medicine programming and it will tell us very quickly what the patient, what he is supposed to eat.

Thresholds: Do you have, when people come into you, do you work with them on a whole program of diet and...

Yeh: Yes, we have to. We have to. Food is a very important section of our treatment. If we don’t do that, we will miss the treatment. And we have a specialist working on the diet program for our patients.

Thresholds: What would you say are the main factors that are important for health? For someone to be healthy?

Yeh: We say, because I’m a Christian, I know human being is made up of three parts -- spirit, soul, and the body. So we can not look at disease only from the physical body. Also we need to think about a little more to the soul part, generally speaking is the mind. And then we can go a little more further into the spirit, hopefully people can understand the secret to make their spirit peaceful, their soul and mind be peaceful, and back to the body it is very easy to be treated well. And it can be kept in good shape.

Thresholds: Is that something you work with people on -- how to be more spiritually centered?

Yeh: Yeah, we also do that. We have been doing that. Not all the people accept it, but we try also during the treatment, we try also to find out if they have some spiritual problem or mind problem, psychiatric problem.

Thresholds: Do you teach them meditation or prayer?

Yeh: Meditation, hold their temper, don’t be angry, don’t be depressed, be happy, but don’t go out [for] fun. I don’t like to use that fun, because fun looks like without consciousness. This kind of pleasure is dangerous. In America people always say “fun.” Some fun is a good idea, but some fun is very bad. Because if we seek and look for pleasure without consciousness, that kind of fun is leading to damage our health. Do you agree to it?

Thresholds: Yes, I do very much. Regarding your background, are you from the United States or are you from China?

Yeh: Seventeen years ago, I was from China.

Thresholds: And you had your training both...

Yeh: Yes, I was an M.D. and I was O.M.D. in China, and now I practice only natural medicine in America. So I am O.M.D. and Ph.D. in America.

Thresholds: O.M.D., what does that stand for?

Yeh: O.M.D. stands for Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Thresholds: What do you want to give to people with your practice of natural medicine?

Yeh: I just want to say hopefully people all over the world would have an insight for their health and for their living. Medicine is very good for health, but some wrong medicine can damage our health. For instance, if people have contracted allergies. Allergy actually is a very simple disease, illness that can be treated. But why in Western Hemisphere [do] millions and millions of people remain untreatable? I feel that is something wrong in Western medicine. They treat allergy using antihistamine. Antihistamine is to suppress the immune system. And they use the pain pills to stop the warning signs. And they use the antibiotics to stop infection, which is a wrong medication for viral infection. Because this is mostly a viral infection first, so we don’t need to use antibiotics to treat virus. Antibiotics is only for bacteria; it is a wrong treatment causing so many people [to] suffer [for] years and years. In here we treat regularly only twenty treatments. We can solve the question so easily. So that is a wrong idea, hopefully people can see it.
And also like ladies’ problem[s], drinking iced tea, ice water, ice cream. Coldness can cause lots of ladies’ problems. Please so I advise all the ladies to keep warmer from their legs to their feet, and don’t drink ice and ice water. It doesn’t make any sense. Even I went to Alaska for speaking; it’s snowing. In restaurants they give me a cup of ice water. Does it make any sense?

Thresholds: No, it doesn’t.

Yeh: So it looks like, [it’s] already a [part of our] culture. People drink [iced drinks] and so cause girls irregular periods, P.M.S., the breasts cannot develop well, and weight gain. They use birth control pills to stop their ovaries to develop, so this is very bad treatment on all girls. So I just tell them keep warm, don’t swim, don’t dive in cold water. Girls only can swim in hot, warm water. Never even in summer, [they] cannot dive and swim in the swimming pool. So this kind of knowledge is essential, they have to learn. I feel people should learn more about natural medicine for their health and for their lifespan.

Thresholds: How would you recommend that people do that if they don’t live close to your clinic? How can they learn about that?

Yeh: Buy some books. Contact the doctors, not M.D.s, Natural Medicine doctors and ask [for] more information. This is a real correct way in medicine. We believe the result is the criteria of judging which is good and which is bad. You can see so many fantastic papers [articles] in magazines, but the result is not good; what is the use of fantastic words and papers? It is only the advertisement or propaganda. Nothing else inside.

Thresholds: Is there some type of referral service for natural medicine doctors? If someone was looking for one, how would they find a natural medicine doctor?

Yeh: I don’t know everywhere, but they can look up [in] the Yellow Pages and find out [who has] the good credentials, natural medicine doctors.

Thresholds: Oriental medicine, is that the same thing?

Yeh: Oriental medicine? Yes.

Thresholds: And you have more than one clinic in the United States, is that right?

Yeh: We have two offices in San Diego, one in Upland, another in Northern California, and one in Overland Park, Kansas.

Thresholds: Is there anything else you would like to tell people?

Yeh: I hope that people can live up to one hundred and twenty years. Really in good health. People suffer too much in America. So I say many surgeries are unnecessary and many treatments are unnecessary, if they come into the right way for health.•
©1997 Vol. 15 No. 2

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