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National Dream Hotline® Provides Insight into Children’s Nightmares

Windyville, MO – Understanding dreams and their meaning, particularly the nightmares of children, take on greater importance in the face of events such as children killing each other in elementary schools.

"I remember several years ago when my daughter woke up with a nightmare. I started to say ‘Don’t worry it’s just a dream’ but caught myself in mid-sentence," said Paul Blosser, one of the authors of Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery. "I had learned from my studies in dream interpretation that all dreams are meaningful.   It was about her thoughts and concerns.  Because I knew how to interpret it, I could help her understand it, relieving her fears."

This year marks the 17th year for the National Dream Hotline® conducted by the School of Metaphysics. Faculty and staff members will answer calls round-the-clock from 6 PM (CT) Friday, April 22nd until midnight Sunday, April 24th to interpret dreams and answer questions about dreams.

"The National Dream Hotline® was created to educate people about dreams and the messages in dreams," author of the Dreamer's Dictionary and College of Metaphysics' faculty member Dr. Barbara Condron said. "Particularly with the current events involving war, or recent child abductions, understanding our dreams and those of our children play an important role in our ability to heal, learn, and move forward again."

The hotline is conducted nationally from the School of Metaphysics World Headquarters at 417-345-8411. Additionally, 16 branches of the school provide local numbers in major cities throughout the Midwest.


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