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Common Language Could Aid World Unity

Windyville, MO -- World unity can begin as simply as interpreting dreams according to faculty at the School of Metaphysics, sponsors of the 16th Annual National Dream Hotline conducted from 6 PM (CT) April 22nd through midnight Sunday April 24th.

"Dreams are related in a universal picture language, what we call the Universal Language of Mind" says Dr. Daniel Condron, Chancellor of the College of Metaphysics and author of Understanding Your Dreams.   Regardless of what country you’re from, what language or dialect you speak, you dream in pictures. These pictures tell a story about your conscious state of awareness."

The National Dream Hotline is sponsored annually to educate people from around the world about the importance of dreams and their meanings. Last year thousands of people from all 50 United States plus Canada, Australia and Europe called to find answers to their questions about dreams.

Faculty members of the School of Metaphysics will answer calls round-the-clock from their world headquarters in Windyville MO as well as in 16 metropolitan areas throughout the Midwest. You can call the National Dream Hotline at (417)345-8411. There is no charge for the call other than the toll charge from your long distance carrier.


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