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What Your Dreams are Telling You

Windyville MO -- In ancient times dream interpretation was the province of seers and prophets. The School of Metaphysics is now sharing this with the world. People from all over the country will be calling the 16th Annual National Dream Hotline® from 6p.m. Friday, April 22 to midnight Sunday, April 24, 2005.

Last year callers from all 50 states queried the National Dream Hotline® to gain insight and peace regarding their dreams. A woman was relieved to find that her daughter was safe despite frightening dreams. A radio disc jockey from Dallas came to understand why he continued to dream about WWII. One woman was moved to tears to learn that her dreams offered her truth. Another man called to discover why he was having dreams of violence.

The School of Metaphysics has been researching dreams for over 25 years. They have discovered that every night people receive truth into the meaning of their experience in the form of dreams.

"Learning how to interpret your dreams is a way that every single day you can have insight into who you are, how to be more purposeful, how to understand the experiences in your life, how to be more fulfilled," says Dr. Barbara Condron author of The Dreamer's Dictionary based on the School of Metaphysics' thirty years of research. "What dreams tell you about yourself is intriguing, revelatory, and often fulfilling. What they tell you about those you love is priceless."

Find out what your dreams mean by calling the School of Metaphysics headquarters at (417)345-8411, or any of their 16 branches throughout the Midwest.



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