Hotline History

DREAMS, an annual hotline to answer your questions


Fall 1985 § A small scale Dream Hotline in Springfield, Missouri.

Early 1987 § Successful Dream Hotline in Norman and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

August 1988 § Dream Hotline went statewide in Oklahoma and was a huge success.

October 1988 § Dream Hotline in five schools in the Colorado Area.

December 1988 § Dream Hotlines in Detroit, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana.

April 1989 § The 1st National Dream Hotline® was conceived and birthed.

March 1990 § USA Today nationally syndicated television spot gives Hotline its first widespread exposure

April 1990 § Vision of National Dream Hotline® shared by Drs. Daniel and Barbara Condron.

April 1992 § National Dream Hotline® mentioned in Glamour magazine and in USA Today newspaper.

§ Broadcast around the world on Voice of America radio stations.

April 1993 § BBC interviews Dr. Barbara Condron.

October 1994 § Dream Education Day is SOM's first offering for the annual "Make a Difference Day" sponsored by USA Today newspaper

November Understanding Your Dreams, a primer for dream interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind, is published.

April 1995 § Dreamer's Dictionary is published becoming a resource book for dreamers everywhere

April 1996 § First dream surveys mailed to thousands around the world § Radio shows in Hong Kong, Russia, and Australia help our research span the globe

April 1997 § Paul Harvey talks about the National Dream Hotline® for the first time.

April 1998 § The Today Show broadcasts a live remote interview with Dr. Daniel Condron from the College of Metaphysics on the Saturday of the National Dream Hotline®.

§ Seventeen Magazine publishes the Hotline number in its new "Calendar"

§ This year Paul Harvey calls the dream interpreters “Dreamologists”

§ Dr. Daniel Condron interviewed live on Japanese radio

§ NY Bureau Chief of the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun travels to Windyville, Missouri to interview Drs. Daniel and Barbara Condron

§ Dr. Barbara prepares "A World of Dreams", a 25 year film retrospective

April 1999 § makes its debut as the website for interpreting your dreams

April 2000 § chooses The Dreamer's Dictionary for its dream decoder

April 2001 § Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery is published to aid others to utilize their dreams at every stage of life from birth to life after death

April 2002 § Dream interpretation focuses on dreams about September 11th, 2001

April 2003 § First radio interviews in Scotland and Ireland, John Tesh announces NDH on his weekly radio show and posts it at his website, Associated Press Radio Syndicate airs 2 minute interview that is played on radio and television stations coast to coast

September 2003 § Dream of the Month Club initiated at

April 2004 § Every Dream Is About The Dreamer is published. It has over 100 dreams interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind.

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