COURSE of STUDY, a discussion with Drs. Daniel and Barbara Condron

from a Spiritual Focus Weekend at the College of Metaphysics


Question: You’re just speaking with somebody and words just start to come through you in a conversation is that from your Highest Self or is that also being open to maybe information being channeled from other places?

Dr. Dan: Anything is possible. What other places are you talking about?

Question: Well maybe spirit guide or some master or somebody.

Dr. Dan: Sure.

Question: Somehow you're open to wanting to receive information.

Dr. Dan: Right. I asked a similar question early in my studies. If thoughts or ideas were coming from my spirit guide or my Inner Self and you know my studies was to develop my Inner Self. It wasn’t to develop my guide. So that’s what my attention has been on, it’s always been on that. My words come from me. What you do learn to develop, through our coursework and through the work with your mind, is the ability to identify vibrations. The psychometry that it was suggesting you is a means for learning to identify vibrations. For example, you have a different vibration than Brian or you have a different vibration than Connie. Each one of you have a different vibration. You leave your vibration on everything you think, say, and do. Learning how to distinguish those individual wavelengths, whether the person is in a "people" body or without a physical body, disincarned or unincarned, gives you another sense, another means to experience and identify someone. So, as to whether you do that and words come to you, speak them out, write them out, see if they make sense. If they make sense, apply them in your life and bring them back in as learning and growth.
Then always reason to see the benefits, and learn to identify vibrations. Is this me speaking? Or not? You can learn, you have the ability to discern that.

Question: Is there a particular training through the school, is it something that I really need to learn or...

Dr. Dan: Well, anything you can suggest for her in that? All the exercises benefit in that.

Dr. Barbara: That’s why I started in the lessons. What comes to my mind from hearing you talk is that’s the advantage of having a teacher. It’s the advantage of being around other people who are like you, who have compatible goals and practices as you. When I was a teenager we’d be sitting in a room like this with some friends and we’d be talking and all of the sudden I would start seeing a light around your head. This is back in the 60’s, right? Nobody’s talking about auras, there are no books on it, there’s nothing available yet.
I would see a light around someone. Having a good, sound conscious mind, I would move closer to them and turn on a light close to them. I wouldn’t say anything, I would just go turn the light on and then come back. It would still be there. So then I would get up and I would move. I would move to another place in the room. I was looking for a physical cause, the physical reason why it was there.
I conducted my own little experiments trying to figure out what these kinds of phenomenon were and, you know, finally I would say, “Edwina, do you see a light around her head?” And, invariably, Edwina would say, “No.” And I would simply reply, “Okay.” I learned you didn’t talk about things like that if acceptance from others was important to you, and during adolescence it was. I learned to communicate with ideas and experiences people could relate to and just shelf these supernatural type experiences.

When I started classes in the School of Metaphysics I found, not only people who could talk about things openly, and not get twisted and bent out of shape or something, but also people who had more experience than I did. I met people who had experimented and found ideas, concepts, practices that work. I was always so grateful for that. I didn’t have to keep quiet, in this case, or thinking that I was going crazy or whatever because other people didn’t understand the kinds of experiences I was having.
I found with this school something I needed and wanted, something I had been looking for for a long time and that’s the value of having other people to learn with and also people who know more and also people who you can teach, that you can give to and that you can help. That all becomes part of the process that intrinsically ends up making you centered in what life is really all about. That is why we are all here. We’re not here to make money and we’re really not here to become famous and we’re really not here to find an outside soulmate and have kids. That’s all wonderful, it’s wonderful and it’s part of the beauty of life, but it’s not really what life’s all about. You know, it’s just external expressions of it all where we can learn. So, you know, it really is in the exercises. It’s in the exercising of your mind, you know, every day, and then through that then integrating it into your consciousness. I know, a lot of the counseling I do with people, more and more I hear myself help them identify what I call their candle. Especially if they’ve been students, they’ll know what that is, their candle in life is. For those of you who don’t know, one of the first concentration exercises in the classes that we teach is to have a candle that you light and the objective is to focus all of your consciousness, all of your attention singularly on that flame for ten minutes. Just ten minutes, that’s all. And each time that your mind goes to anything else, you make a mark on a piece of paper and that, in itself, is highly enlightening. You know, so you need to find what you candle is in your life. So that you can be centered and focused so that you can learn to interpret energies and identify when you’re over here and put your mind back on your candle, in essense. And that’s become a very effective tool for me in counseling with people and helping them. It’s learning the skills so that then you can use them, however you’re going to. There’s just no replacement for it. There really isn’t. In so many ways, I feel so fortunate for the choices I made in life, and, you know, more and more as time goes by I feel so intrinsically connected with everything that’s happening, you know, not just on this planet, but in the universe and it’s a phenomenal experience that I never would have guessed that. You know, back when I was twenty, I spent a whole week of my life literally reaching for the phone to call the mental health department. I had graduated from college. I had thought about psychology. I had taken lots of psych courses, you know, I knew what th
at was like, I knew what it was like to get thrown into a mental institute. And I knew consciously I knew I didn’t belong there, but I was going nuts. I was going nuts. You know, the voices and all kinds of stuff. And I knew I needed guidance. I needed some help. But you know, I didn’t, and I got past that, and I thought, “Boy am I glad I didn’t do that ‘cause that would have been really stupid.” And then, about a month later, six weeks, a girlfriend got me into the classes.

Someone: So that changed it all.

Dr. Barbara: It did. It was exactly what I had been looking for and I had to get to that point of desperaion in my conscious mind of thinking, “I have got to do something. I have got to straighten myself out. I’ve got to understand these experiences. You know, I’m here to do something, but I don’t know what it is.” You know, I had had my near death experience type thing with my life flashing in front of me and all that. You know, I had had all those kinds of experiences, but I didn’t have a way to digest them. I just had them. And they were all just kind of mounting up, driving me nuts. And I had to get to the point of, you know, like breaking, you know, surrendering, and going “well, whatever happens, I’ll cope. I will cope.” And when I got to that point, then school entered into my life. And that’s one of the reasons why I have such a great respect for when, the moment when people, when the school and people converge. It’s a beautiful thing. You know, I’m always really interested about how you heard about the school and, you know, where that first, it’s like first contact, all those movies and stuff. It’s like, it’s such, it ends up taking on such significance and meaning to you, in some way in your life. Just because the energy of what this is that we call the School of Metaphysics.

Question: When you said you had gone beyond the connections to more of a universal connection, more in terms of intrinsically connected to that, what does that mean?
Dr. Barbara: It’s not so much that I’ve gone beyond it. It’s more a kind of a sinking in so that I’ve expanded to include it. An example, Teresa has a daughter named Briana. The reality of my consciousness with that girl is that all the thoughts, ideas, feelings, love, respect, hopes, dreams, everything about my consciousness I have toward Hezekiah, which is the birth son of Dr. Dan and I, is no different than it is what I have with Brianna. It’s no different. And ultimately, it’s no different than what I have with you. You know, I look at you, and it’s like my experience with you is that I have the same kind of feelings of love and aspirations and hopes and dreams, and all that. It’s just, I’ve started to recognize it’s me. It’s not an affectation. It’s not consciously created even, it just, it comes from inside and it just flows out. It’s just there. And so it’s a matter of being open to it and kind of rewiring or disconnecting the conscious configurations that had told me things that were contrary to that. You know, that’s been a lot of my work the last twenty-five years, you know, the inner improvement, self improvement work and that kind of thing was rewiring that brain and conscious mind and, you know, what it has given back to me is just, it’s phenomenal to me. I am constantly in awe of it. You know, it’s so different than it was twenty years ago. And I can yet remember, I can remember picking up that phone and putting it back down. I can remember that, just like it’s right now. But I know that I don’t live there anymore.
Dr. Dan: Some people do it by determination and goals and motivation to be somebody in their life or whatever motivates you, discipline is involved, always. But to achieve the ultimate fulfillment....if you look at all the great masters and teachers throughout history, they always had students, sometimes they were called disciples, or chelas, or whatever depending on the group, time period, but all the great masters, all people that attained the highest always had students. They were students, the disciples were students. Jesus or Buddha or whoever, they were teaching them what they’d learned. As much as those people were able to absorb at any given time and so that gets you here, in that stage. And you all are pretty spiritual people, and really have some development from past lives and you need to, and I believe, my perception is, that’s a part of you fulfilling what you’re here to do and in order to give out completely what you have and in doing that, you’ll realize what you know.

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