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Mystics throughout the ages have yearned for connection with the Divine. Their desire to experience God, the Creator, the High Self has brought transcendent experiences. We know these as mystical experiences. For thousands of years this has been reserved for a chosen few - usually spiritual initiates. Their experiences inspire many to elevate their consciousness as well. Sometimes the experiences have been spontaneous - suddenly the attention is everywhere yet the initiate is unable to reproduce the experience or understand what caused it.

When I was twenty I visited Chaco Canyon, New Mexico while travelling with an anthropology class. Chaco Canyon is a magnificent site where Anazazi Indians lived a thousand years ago. The largest kiva (a sacred ceremonial structure) known in North America is here and it is also one of the best preserved solstice markers on our continent.

After a day of classes, hiking and studying I sat with my classmates enjoying the warm glow of the campfire. At one point I looked up into the night sky. The moon was right above me and the stars were brilliant. As I gazed up I felt drawn into the universe. Suddenly I felt like my awareness was everywhere. I was existing beyond my physical body, our planet, our solar system, our galaxy. I felt connected to everything. It was awesome to me and lasted only a few seconds. I was overwhelmed by the immensity of it all and my attention snapped back to my body. I looked around to see what the others were doing. They carried on talking and singing as before. I was amazed by what I had just experienced and was awake long after the others went to sleep remembering the feeling of infinity.

This experience is as vivid today as if it had just happened. Beyond time and space, beyond any physical phenomena I had ever known I was aware of existence from a whole different perspective. Within two years I had found the School of Metaphysics and souls who would teach me how to use my mind for the greatest good of all, Enlightenment. –CAA


When John first arrived at College an upperclassmen pointed out that a fence was broken, and he pointed across a field. It wasn't close, in fact the fence being referred to was quite far away. Later some cows escaped through the fence hole and John believed they were in a different location of the land, what we call the 'valley'. John had no physical information to give him this insight, this was a thought form received from his inner, subconscious mind. It was indeed a belief that he formed purely from using his intuition, which is a product of the connection between the conscious and subconscious minds. This intuition gives rise to strong mental perception. He had enough belief and when he packed the gear up he headed down to the valley, where he indeed found the cows in just the spot he perceived them to be in. He at that time knew his perception was correct.&Mac198;

Paul had a desire for higher spiritual experiences. Paul had a strong desire stimulated from an inner source to astral project. He had read a specific book on the subject by an author that seemed reputable, and indeed in the style of a true knower, checked out facts and statements the author had made and found them to be true. At this point in time he for sure knew at least some of the statements this author made were true. He established or accepted in his mind the authority of the author. With this respect firmly in his mind, he continued to read experiences described in this book that others have experienced in astral projection. He imaged himself doing the things described. He imaged it clearly. He had full trust and belief in the author and the probability of truth of what he was saying.&Mac198;

Paul proceeded to move toward knowing. He began to experience. He followed the advice of the author and practiced every day, fueled by the power of his strong belief that mobilized his motivation. No time for doubts and only clear alignment of his mind. With the continued daily practice, he achieved astral projection. He experienced leaving his body and experiencing in the etheric body, completely free of the physical body. His strong desire was fulfilled, he was a knower. He knew he could astral project because he experienced it.&Mac198;

Ken works with vending machines, and while along his route his friend is saying 'hurry up' as he is in front of a sick vending machine. Ken said to his friend, "I can't fix this right now, I need more tools" Then he went to go get the needed tools and returns to the vending machine saying to himself over and over how hard he believes this is going to be, and how difficult it is probably going to be.
He wakes up to the fact of what he is doing, and he changes his thought or belief, midstream. Ken centering himself, saying outloud "This is going to be easy" he then closed his eyes and said it to himself, and then immediately upon opening his eyes it occurred to him that an internal power plug that was out and needed to be connected. It was that easy. He re-attached the separated plug, and the repair was complete.
If Ken had stayed with his original thought , like we discussed in an earlier chapter, his experience would have proven his beliefs correct, he would have become a knower of his own beliefs of difficulty. Instead he became a knower of his beliefs in efficiency an true intuitive vending machine repair. It would have taken him several hours of toil. From changing his belief, his experience became easy instead of difficult and hard.
Like detective police work, having all the facts helps you to find the truth, to be a knower. In purely a physical sense, some may attempt to obtain those facts and pieces information using only the five physical senses and a limited reasoning ability. Intuitive man draws upon all the resources of the whole mind, and gathers information a quantum level quicker as in the example cited about. Intuition is the direct grasp of truth. The facts are relevant and important, and with an enlightened perspective, they can be gained in record time. In fact, no time at all.
Spiritual knowing comes through having experiences. Pretending is remaining in adolescence and will not move the thinker toward knowing. There is a valuable time for this kind of experimentation and trying things on, but at a point commitment is need to finalize your change in to a fully manifested, known, creation in your life.
Commitment is required to master knowing, and using your will with desire to practice the desired quality and build the understanding to a level where it becomes a permanent part of your consciousness and will be drawn into the subconscious mind and stored as permanent memory. –JM

After my adolescent years, I began to observe that many people did not seem to have a plan or purpose for their life. This idea of a purposeful existence grew in me throughout the years. People seemed to be running around in a helter-skelter manner without a clear idea of their objectives. In considering this, I came to the conclusion that there had to be guidelines that creation and the formation of the universe was based on, and I determined to find them. Earlier, I read about the destruction of recorded history that concerned the nature and purpose of manís existence. For example, the great world library of Alexandria, and the books of the Mayans had been destroyed as a result of the short sighted and heretical actions of man. Only four Mayan books out of possible thousands survived. However, I still believed that somewhere, still available, there existed guidelines for man to live his life by that would help us to waste less time, learn quickly, and understand our purpose for existence. With all the order and life giving structure I observed in nature, ourselves, and the heavens, I determined that there had to be guidelines known to man that would help us to live our lives productively and expansively, and identify specific reasons for being and existing in this physical schoolroom. Upon attending my first class in applied metaphysics in 1986, I was delighted to discover that my ideas were based on truth, and that the knowledge, awareness, and understandings of these guidelines I had envisioned had been preserved and they were alive and well. My teacher explained that these guidelines of creation were called the Universal Laws of Creation. These laws of creation are universal because they apply to anyone, anytime and any place. So all universal laws describe creation through a specific construction or procedure of the action of energy. –TN

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