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Why Sanskrit?
by Christine Andrews

I had recently begun teaching and attended my first National Teachers Conference at the College of Metaphysics campus. I believed this put me in the company of the some of the most experienced spiritual teachers in world. I had some sense of what I was embarking on and it definitely awed me. I had also been practicing the spiritual disciplines of concentration and meditation for nearly six months. I was beginning to know my Self and understand how my mind worked. I was discovering answers to questions I had my whole life when I had this dream.

I am on the most beautiful grassy hill. The grass is so green and lush and the sun is shining brightly. I am struck by the brightness of the light yet I can still see all around me. I am sitting next to Dr. Barbara. She is reciting the Bhagavad Gita to me in Sanskrit. I understand what she is saying though. Her mouth is not moving and I know I am receiving her thoughts. It is as clear as if she is speaking out loud in English.

When I awoke from this dream I felt like I had really talked to Dr. Barbara. The memory was so clear and real that is was as if we had actually been together. The meaning of the dream revealed that I was at an evolutionary point in my learning. Following are the major symbols and their meaning in the Universal Language of Mind:

grass - subconscious mind awareness
light -
Dr. Barbara (my spiritual teacher) -
receptive quality of superconscious mind
Bhagavad Gita (Hindu Holy work) - information about creation
Sanskrit -
also indicates information about the structure of creation
telepathy -
receiving thoughts mind-to-mind (in this dream Dr. Barbara was speaking but her mouth did not move)

I asked about this dream when I attended class that week. My teacher explained to me that I was to interpret it as I do any dream. She then added that it was also an inner level experience that I had actually been with Dr. Barbara and she was teaching me while I was asleep. I remembered this experience as a dream since I had no other way to understand it at this point in my studies. Sanskrit is a language that is based on the structure of creation. I received this instruction in the inner levels and therefore the communication was relayed in its most “pure” form. If I was able to speak Sanskrit I would have been able to glean even more meaning from this experience. This was the first time I had heard of such a thing and I was amazed it was possible.

I had received a lot from the National Teachers Conference. My imagination was definitely stimulated and now this dream experience was revealing how I had also opened my Self in ways that were aiding me to fulfill my mission, and that included teaching. My desire to know the truth was so strong that I continued to receive teaching while my conscious mind and body rested. An important note is that Dr. Barbara’s strong desire to teach the truth is what brought us together. Because I remembered the experience, it was apparent that my own awareness was increasing daily.

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