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School of Metaphysics Course

Cycle I Syllabus

Lesson 1 The Quest for Enlightenment
How Much You are Worth Depends on What You Value
The Power of Attention

Lesson 2
Education for the Third Millennium
Stranger in a Strange Land
The Secret Place
Becoming SuperConscious

Lesson 3 The Energizing Faculty of Creation
Will Power occurs when Freedom and Responsibility become One
Living in Harmony with our Universe
Preparing the Mind for Infinite Intelligence

Lesson 4 The Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious
Triune Nature of Mind
Conscious Mind
Subconscious Mind
Superconscious Mind
The Universal Law Ideal, Purpose, and Activity Activates

Lesson 5 The Conscious Ego
How to be Secure in Your Identity
Mastering your Conscious Ego through Wisdom

Lesson 5a Learning How to Learn
How to Think Positively
More on Forgiveness, and a few words about Gratitude
Ego and Superconsciousness

Lesson 6 Meditation: The Answer to Your Prayer
Preparing Your Consciousness for Meditation
The Science of Meditation

Lesson 7 The Expansive Nature of Friendship
Meditation Opens the Mind and Heart
Key Points to Remember in Meditation
Those we create with forge our deepest friendships
The Circle of Love

Lesson 8 The Healing Power Within You
The Creative Power is in Your Imagination
The Breath is Your Connection with Infinite Energy
Spirituality – Transforming Energy into a Higher Form
Healing with the Goodness of All Concerned

Lesson 9 Divine Friendships in Universal Love
Communication that Heals
Where Have I Seen You Before?
Friendship begins with knowing your Self
Universal Love
How Affirmations Work
Affirmations hold an important place in our lives

Lesson 10 Our Purpose for Existence
Where did we come from?
How Souls were brought into being
The SoulMate is Created
Why Are We Here?
Where Are We Going?

Lesson 11 Dreams: Messages from Your Soul
Becoming Conscious during Sleeping Time
The Art and Science of Dreaming
Another means to enhance dream recall
Life Everlasting!

Lesson 12 The Incredible Power of Life Force
Potent Forms of Infinite Energy
The Direct Source of Life is the Energy that Heals
Time Management
Receiving Cosmic Energy at Will

Lesson 13 Emotions, Attachment & Living in the Now
What is Behind those Powerful Emotions?
The Man Who Refused Heaven

Lesson 13A The Feeling that Heals
Shifting from Emotional Reaction to Emotional Action
Healing that Causes Change
You are the Change

Lesson 14 Inner Life Force at Your Command
How Thought Manifests in Your Body
The Connection between Will and Life Force
Applying the Principles in Your Everyday Life
Responding as Subconscious Energies Manifest through the Emotions

Lesson 15 A Life with Meaning Prospers
Your Spiritual Inheritance
One Man's Saga of Rebirth
Four Keys for Consciousness to Prosper

Lesson 16 Life Force Sensitivity Fosters Compassion
John’s Saga Continues
The biological mirror of your consciousness
Being in Harmony with the Infinite Energy flowing through You
Becoming Conscious of the Life Force flowing through You

Lesson 17 Breath and Consciousness
The Purpose of Breath
Surprising Benefits of your Candle Concentration Exercise
Monkey Consciousness

Lesson 18 The Life Force Exercises Part I
How to Begin
The Life Force Exercises
The Law of Karma
Living the Golden Rule

Lesson 19 The Life Force Exercises Part II
The Second Series of Life Force Forms
The Art of Concentration & Meditation
Love is Life Force Expressing as Friendship

Lesson 20 Life Force Series Part III
The Final Forms in the Life Force Series
Four Factors affecting Spiritual Progress
Meditative Consciousness throughout the Day

Lesson 20A When Life Force Becomes a Healing Energy
A Bioenergetic Lesson Worth Noting
How it works
The Source of All Healing

Lesson 21 Liberating the Mind
Calling upon the Universe for Assistance
The Heart and its Relation to Soul Progression
Controlling Life Force in the Five Senses

Lesson 22 Stilling the Mind for Success
Your Body is the Reflection of your Mind
Everything You’ve always Wanted
Shuka Deva’s Discovers the Real Self

Lesson 23 Living an Awakened Life
Living Directly from Life Force
Shuka Deva Learns the Art of Living
The Four Transitory States

Lesson 24 Hong Sau
Your Meditation
Hong Sau can be Practiced Anywhere
Points to Remember while Learning the Hong Sau
Wholistic Concentration
The Prodigal Son

Lesson 24 A Being Present
The Art of Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Concentration
Silencing the Thoughts Stills the Mind
Receptive and Aggressive Factors of Silence
Self Mastery
Why Are we Here?

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