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Stress. We all have it in our lives. Some people are able to cope with it or even thrive on it. This lecture will help you learn how to be one of these people.

Stress is when there are two forces/ thoughts pulling in opposite directions.
You may want things to be a certain way and they’re not. Another big stress producer is not having enough time
Living in the past and the present at the same time produces stress in the form of regret, guilt, and hurts. Worrying about the future also creates stress for many.

Thought is cause
You must identify the thoughts that are creating the stress: the conflicting thought/unresolved thought.

People often want a quick fix: give me a pill. However, remedies must move from temporary to more permanent. There are many things that aid in relieving stress. These include:

1. Exercise which releases endorphins, clears head, and works out pent up physical, emotional energy.
2. Recreation which removes attention to something creative so you can return refreshed with a new outlook.
3. Humor puts things in proper perspective, and breaks the tension in you and the situation It’s healthy to be able to laugh at yourself and your situation!
4. Communication, which gets the thoughts out of your head and out into the physical where you can hear/see them. It's important to talk to someone you trust. Writing down your thoughts (a letter that you may or may not send) is also very effective.
5. Forgiveness-unblocks conflicting energy in you
6. Gratitude aids you to see that life/ higher powers bring us learning in all forms and opens mind heart to more expansive thoughts and ideas.
7. Imagination: You are capable of your heart’s desires, image makers and you have the power to think/imagine solutions and cause change. You do this through having goals. Which help you to imagine who you want to be and imagine what you want to do, your heart’s desires.

Conclusion: Life has twists and turns, ups and downs. It is how you respond to them and look more deeply at why they exist in your life that makes the difference. Stress is necessary in our life to overcome and push through inertia of that which we don’t understand, to meet our challenges. It is how we meet these challenges that either perpetuate pain or bring us to new heights of understanding.

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