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Finding your True Soul Mate

We each have an urge for a true love, our closest friend, a soul mate. Some say they have found their soul mate, to others the search may seem impossible. In this presentation, you will learn what a soul mate is and how you can find your soul mate. You will learn how your urge for such a relationship stems from Biblical history and how your soul mate can aid you to fulfill your greatest desires.

The dynamics of a relationship
The receptivity of the woman, the aggressiveness of man. Imagine a relationship from afar, where the woman loves the man, (and men being as they are, sometimes unaware of those affections) and the woman continues her subtle admiration. She is much more aware of him and his potential, seeing him at his best! Her want is to love him unconditionally, to aid him in all possible ways to fulfill his needs and desires.

The birth of a relationship
Discover what the marriage made in heaven means and how this relates to Adam and Eve. Learn how to be a friend, learning to be a soul mate so you can discover your soul mate. You will learn about yourself, how you think, what you think, how and who you want to become.

The discovery of a relationship
You will have a relationship with yourself as long as you live, make the most of it. In return, you will become much more attractive and you will begin to develop a deeper relationship with your soul mate.

The development of the relationship
How to give to your soul mate and how your soul mate will give to you. How to have a wonderful and satisfying life and relationship with your soul mate.

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