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Mystical Children

Mystical Children are incarning.
These children possess extraordinary gifts and are in many ways aware of their intention for incarning, which is to build the permanent understandings that will lead to the state of awareness reffered to as enlightenment.
What does this entail? This means gaining mastery of consciousness; awareness of self on multidimensional levels of existence.

You (parents) are the chosen ones!
You have the opportunity to form the foundation for your child's soul growth throughout their lifetime.

Soul’s choices
Each incarning soul makes choices that effect the learning opportunites available throughout their lifetime. Some of these choices include whether to be male or female, what part of the world they will live in, the time period, all aspects of the physical environment. An example of this is Mozart’s exposure to music in his early life and how this brought forth his natural gifts.

Your child’s mission
We all come into this world with certain understandings, qualities of being such as leadership, comfort, joy and silence that we have a deep understanding of. It is our Dharma, our spiritual duty, to give these gifts to our fellow man. There are many ways in which you can aid your child in remaining connected to this inner understanding as they grow, so they can fulfill their mission in life.

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