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Meditation: Calming the Turbulent Mind

Many people are busy and physically productive, but are spiritually unfulfilled. There is often frenetic activity followed by “burnout” or “crash”. Many have the idea that there must be some purpose for all of this and often want to know why do similiar experiences keep happening. Meditation can answer all these questions and more.

What is meditation?

Aligning the conscious mind and subconscious mind and reaching for attunement with superconsicous mind. There are differences in concentration, contemplation, relaxation, rest, prayer, and listening. Self knowledge is knowing yourself as soul and spirit. And knowing yourself as an eternal being. Communion with God includes prayer and meditation. Prayer is a question, it sets into motion an intention, pointing the mind expectantly toward God. Meditation is listening to God, beholding God and union with God. There are stages to mediation. These are expectant listening, going inward into the inner mind and eventually direct communion with your Creator.

Benefits of meditation
Meditation gives you peace, understanding, an experience of your self beyond the physical body, conscious ego, and emotions. Meditation can lead to wholeness, equanimity, bliss, seeing things from God’s point of view, learning from experiences, intentionally creating experiences for learning, and connection with a greater whole: God and humanity. Who you become through meditation is more aware, enlightened with expanded consciousness and expanded influence.

How do you meditate?
Preparation of body is important and includes relaxation, proper posture, sitting still and different breathing practices. Preparation of mind includes concentration, leading to a still mind.

Meditation practice and living meditatively
The purpose of meditation is to bring God consciousness, connected consciousness into daily life so that you can fulfill the plan of superconsciousness which is your seed idea of who you are. This effects how you relate to all of Creation

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