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Learning how to learn

The essential life skills taught in the School of Metaphyiscs Course in Mastery are the keys. The first five life skills open up the reasoning ability, the power of the conscious mind.

Self Respect is the ability to see yourself from different perspectives.
At our essence is love. Learning to identify with your essence is the path to transcendence.
People in our world are reflections of ourselves and the multiple qualities that make up who we are.
Dreams are communication from our soul and a way in which we can gain an honest perspective of our state of consciousness.

Undivided attention is the ability to have a single point of focus.
The place we can change is in the present. Therefore the way we can learn is to be here now. Learning to live in the present moment is a skill that anyone can practice and improve through daily concentration exercises.

Concentration the application of undivided attention. When the conscious mind is still and calm this is the state of mind that allows you to be open to the rest of your mind unlocking your potential.
You must learn how to identify the thoughts that distract you.
The next step is to learn to use your will to hold your attention on that single point, idea, person or situation for as long as you desire. This ability teaches you how to still the mind to receive and to give openly.

Memory The productive use of memory is to use the experiences of the past to add to the present. It is the ability to follow a stream of thought or thoughts and identify how that relates to the present.

Listening connects you with yourself, with others and with the Divine Intelligent.
There are two factors of listening: the receptive and aggressive qualities. Having a still mind enables you to identify these two factors and know when to practice one or the other.

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