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Intuition-The Direct Grasp of Truth

The purpose of School of Metaphysics is to accelerate the evolution of humanity by ushering in the age of Spiritual, Intuitive Man.

Historical body of truth-the intuitive reports
The history of the intuitive reports and their development in the School of Metaphysics is the history of the quest for truth. These reports offer us wisdom and guidance from subconscious mind, universal memory. The Multidimensional Living Programs offer anyone a way to partake of this wisdom and integrate it into their consciousness.

Intuitive Communication
Asking questions is the starting point of any communication. Knowing how to ask the right questions is a halmark of conscious evolution. Remembering Atlantis, the newest book published by the School of Metaphysics is a perfect example of this. Listening is stilling the busy mind in order to receive the words, thoughts, and mental images of the one communicating. True listening is attunement to another's mind and alignment within the Self. A reasoner is a listener. Self-Respect, Undivided Attention, Concentration and Memory, the first four Essential Life Skills taught in the Course in Mastery, come before listening. This first four skills lead to the ability to attune the Self to another.

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