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Astral Projection

What is astral projection?
Also known as out-of-body experiences, astral projection enables you to experience the freedom of your soul It is a skill that can be learned and practiced.

Developing meaning for astral projection.
It is important to have a goal for astral projection. This develops clarity and gives you direction. Purpose provides motivation as it is the personal benefit you gain from achieving your goal. The activity of astral projection involves the use of the only sense of the Mind-attention. You must have your attention in a single moment to practice projection. You experience astral projection every time you dream. There are ways that astral projection is experienced that are unconscious, such as sleep and mind altering chemicals.

Conscious projection
Mind excursion practices will aid you to prepare your consciousness for astral projection. To practice astral projection create a map that gives details of where you will go. When this map is created follow it every time you practice and then record your experiences. What you smelled, felt, tasted, what things looked like. Giving this much attention to your experiences will aid you in having conscious astral projection experiences.

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