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Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Why am I here?
This is a universal question. Everyone is searcing for fulfillment and most people desire to make a difference in the world. Children learn to think in terms of what they will be when they grow up, adolescents and adults learn to think in terms of what they will do. When asked what their purpose is, most people answer in physical terms: job, career, or family accomplishments. Your real purpose is to be, who you become as you do. Your purpose is discovered in how you give, through your interactions/ relationships with other people. Giving is the source of fulfillment; as you give, you receive. This can lead you to awareness of who you are beyond the physical body, and greater understanding of Self and what is within. Any life activity is a vehicle for expressions and giving of Self

Dharma is your Spiritual Duty
Your purpose is a divine duty, not a physical thing or reason. Inside of you is a seed idea of who you are. This is part of a Greater Plan. The world is like a jigsaw puzzle (the whole picture) and each person is a piece. The universe is like an orchestra; each person’s vibration is like an instrument. When each person fulfills their seed idea (who they are), the puzzle is whole. When attuned to who you are, the symphony is harmonious. People have complementary talents, resources, and understandings. People need each other to give and receive love, in order to learn. People are fulfilled when giving, because as you give you will receive. Dharma is a quality of understanding you have give to the world (not a role).

How to discover your purpose and fulfill your Dharma
The most important practice to master to fulfill your Dharma is that of a still mind. Responding to needs in your environment activates visualization and creation. Using goal, purpose and activity insures success. Creating a purpose for each goal and activity insures motivation. Including God in creation of goal, purpose and activity leads to greater spiritual fulfillment and growht. We all come from God and give to God. Giving to God, humanity, or a higher purpose are all essentially the same thing. There are some practical exercises that will aid you to discover your Dharma. Remembering what you imagined and pretended when under the age of 7, what common themes were in experiences where you felt fulfilled or connected and what do you love? (Love is creation, growth)

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