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Kundalini: Awakening the Creative Power

What is the kundalini energy?
Known as a Goddess in Eastern traditions, the Kundalini energy is the greatest creative power available.

What causes the kundalini to rise?
Thought is cause and the physical is its manifest likeness. Your ego, represented by the serpent in the Bible is your motivator. When thinking is habitual and unconscious then the ego is not used to produce greater spiritual evolvement, rather it is used to produce further physical engrossement. One way to become more aware is to learn to interpret your dreams. Being conscious of your ego and directing it purposefully will aid you to fulfill your desires and be motivated by what you want rather than what you fear.

Transcendence through the kundalini.
Your destiny is to seek and ultimately reach compatibility with your creator. The Complete Law of Creation, given in the Bible as "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you," is how you reach this compatilbility. The Essential Life Skills taught in the School of Metaphysics course are how you cause this compatibility. The greatest use of the kundalini energy is toward reaching this compatibility.

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